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The Maltonian Video Gallery

Video poses me many problems, given the variation in coding methods for video, and the approach different platforms use - for example, iPad and iPhone not supporting Flash Player. My current solution is to use YouTube. A Maltonians channel has been set up and some videos have been posted.

Many of the videos have music either performed or used as a backing track. This is often copyright, and publishers or copyright owners have the right to block the video, or allow it but attach adverts to it. Hopefully this will not be too intrusive - do let me know your thoughts if you notice this.

Initially most of the videos will be from aound 2006 onwards, when hard disk digital video cameras and editing software became readily available. The archive does have VHS recordings from earlier, and even a Betamax recording from the 1980s. These will take more processing, so it will be some time until they appear.