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On the old Maltonians website that this site replaces, I attempted to keep a log of new items that were added to the site under the title "What's New". Where relevant, this log provided links to new additions, allowing regular visitors to keep up to date with what was happening.

As these logs still exist, I have included them on the current site. They do provide a diary of the twelve years in which the old site functioned. Where possible I have altered links that used to exist to point to the new site. In most cases the links have gone. Perhaps one day I will re-link the updates - perhaps visitors to this new site could tell me if this would be worthwhile.

2011 updates

21/3/11 I am sorry to report that Wilson Train passed away last Friday.  Mary and Wilson Train retired from the cleaning staff back in 2002, but then came back to fill in vacancies, and Mary to act as relief caretaker. Wilson always had a story and a smile, particularly if you mentioned cricket to him, and he will be sadly missed by staff at the end of a day.  Our thoughts are with Mary and her family.  Funeral arrangements will be posted here when available, or look in the local press.

20/3/11 Howard Campion e-mailed after browsing and finding the pictures of the East Wing arches.  He admits to carving the "H" amongst all the other grafitti.  I think there are others of you out there who should own up to similar attempts to mark your presence here  for posterity.  I think a £10 fine would be in order - cheques payable to Malton School please, to go into the Friends of Malton School fund.

12/2/11 David Nellist visited the school last week, and enjoyed a tour round the school, including the sports centre.  David was a student at the County Modern when it first opened in 1958, transferring up from the old National School.  He is interested in the possibility of a County Modern reunion - perhaps to mark 40 years since it closed as the County Modern before merging with the Grammar School to become the present Malton School.  If anyone is interested in this idea, please let me know and I will put you in touch with him.

29/1/11 I have put a copy of two pictures from the 2010 6th Form leavers do at the Royal York Hotel on the site.  Just a couple of names escape me - apologies.

10/01/11 The third Friends Newsletter has been published, and will be arriving through the mail to all on our mailing list.  An electronic copy is available from the Friends page of this site.  I do hope anyone that reads this website might find it possible to make a donation to help current students of the school, and to help preserve the history of the school.  Also two new trophies were added to the collection normally presented on Celebration Evening.  Pictures of the Design Trophy and the Phoenix Trophy, are now on the site.

02/01/11 A couple of programmes for school shows added - Noughties Night (Easter 2010), Wizard of Oz (July 2010), Christmas Show 2010. I notice a few others could be added - and a lot of photos we have of some of the earlier productions (ie in the late 1990s and early noughties), but I will wait and see what the new website structure offers.