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21/12/00 The A level certificates evening on 21 December 2000 saw the latest group of former pupils of Malton School meet up for their first re-union since leaving school in summer.
I have added an early panoramic photo of the whole school - you will find it under early years in the former pupils pictures section. I couldn't quite get each section aligned - I will try again another day to improve the scan. Can anyone tell me a date?

16/12/00 Two photos from 1971 and 1972 have been added to the former pupils photos section - sent in by Judith Brien (nee Hicks). One is an orchestra practice, the other a third form picture.
A new trophy has been added to the School's collection - a House trophy for new houses Air, Earth, Fire and Water. Malton Town Council Clerk Gerry Cheetham also sent some heraldic details about the Town's Coat of Arms - have a look on the Facts and Figures page. In addition Gerry also sent some details about Malton and its history.

27/11/00 Simon Crozier popped in last week while over here from Germany. He enjoyed a lengthy browse through the library archives. A reminder to all Maltonians that a section of our new library is dedicated to the School's past, and visitors may browse at their leisure, particularly on a morning. Linda Medd rang up (1960's): she is back in Malton after many years out of the country in Brazil. She may be coming in to look at records, and would be interested to hear from anyone else she knows who would be interested in doing the same..

19/11/00 New contacts keep coming in - mainly by e-mail these days. Thanks for the e-mails pointing out errors in names on photos or in the database - I am gradually trying to incorporate them as time allows.
The School had an extremely successful Celebration Evening on Wednesday 15/11/00, in which we reviewed the previous year, presented awards, and remembered the 20th century at Malton School. Have you read the timeline stored away in the History of Malton School?
A couple of new pictures have been put in the former pupils photo section (1960's), including a whole school photo from 1968.

16/10/00A few more names added, and the maps have been updated.
Derek Langstaff called into school one night, to leave a poster about a sailing ship, the STA STAVROS S NIARCHOS, currently docked at Hull until 18/10/00. Derek has sailed on a number of such tall-ships since his departure from Malton School many years ago.
Clare (mentioned below) made a number of appearances on Countdown before finally losing - she is likely to get through to the finals with her high score.

21/9/00One of our number will be making a television appearance next week, on Wednesday 27 September, on the Countdown quiz show. Clare Wright was in the Sixth Form in 1994. Good luck for a successful run, Clare.
A group photo of Year 11 in 1994 has been added to the former pupils photo section (1990's). I am gradually collecting names of the students in the picture.

26/08/00 I have added a summary of the recent GCSE results to the new exam section. This section is essentially a dump from Excel and word, so forgive the plain presentation. It might get improved one day - when time allows!
More pictures have gone in -40's, 50's, 60's and 90's.
I have changed the format of the former pupils database - it is now a dump from Excel, which I am hoping will allow me to add new contacts more easily and manage. Perhaps not. About 15 new names have been added, most from internet form returns. People obviously keep coming across the site. Using Excel does mean that the file is larger than it was - despite my stripping out much of the code which Excel automatically duplicates for every cell - so it will take a little longer to download.

21/08/00 I have put the full group picture of pupils at Gilling School in the 1920's, from which the picture of Alma Collier was extracted. Look in the Early Years section on former pupils.
A level results for 2000 came out last week, and are once again very good. A summary appears in a new section, Exam results . A picture of some of our highest attaining students is included.

14/07/00 I am sorry to have to report that the funeral of Mr Stan Grice took place today. Mr Grice was at the school in the 1950's, and his wife Joan worked as secretary here.

13/7/00 Nicky Fletcher sent in a photograph of the 1971 Sixth Form. Look in the 1970's section
Nicky wonders whether anyone has any photos of his era - 1976-81. You may be interested in his website which has some local Malton pictures on - at

9/7/00 Julia Rowsby (Julia Mason at school) e-mails to say there will be a reunion for the Sixth Form of 1978-9 and 1979-80 on 28 October 2000. To be held at Malton and Norton Golf Club, tickets £8 to include a buffet. Partners welcome. Cheques payable to Julia Rowsby. She can be contacted on

24/6/00 The Upper Sixth from 1959 met at school today in the Maltonians Library and spent a good hour touring the school, swapping memories and looking at the archives. I received a group photo from Brian Windsor after the day. Alan Martindale popped over to see his old charges for a brief time.

19/06/00Contacts received from Walter Warren, now in Australia, and from Norris Ford - who sent some photographs (see the >1950's section), and from Brian Windsor (see the 1950's section). The 1959 group are planning to reunite on June 24 at the School.
A more recent student, Bernard West, also made contact (left in 1994) - see the 1990's section.
I have added a group photo of the Green Man Reunion (April 2000)
Also a whole school photo from 1934, donated by Pauline Dodsworth.




23/05/00Julia Rowsby has written to school trying to contact former pupils who were in the Sixth Form 1978-1980. I am not sure of her maiden name. The reunion is to be on 28/10/00 at Malton and Norton Golf Club.

21/05/00 Some more photographs added, hopefully in the right decades. The photos come from Mrs Williams' album mentioned below. I have placed them in the 30s and 40s sections of former pupils. They include the ATC, Betty Wood, a picture of TAW and Sir William Worsley, together with text about the 1938 opening of the school extensions.
I have put three pictures from the Green Man re-union on the website - sorry there were not more, but as I was taking photos people kept coming and talking to me. I hope to put the picture of the whole group which appeared in the press on shortly.
It was good to see former Malton pupil Simon Dyson in the international headlines after winning the Macau open golf tournament last weekend, beating many well known names. Another golfing star, Emma Duggleby, will be playing for Great Britain in the Curtis cup soon.

13/05/00 Well - back again. Apologies for a three month delay to those who try to keep up to date. The intention was to update things during the Easter holiday, but technology let me down, with a burnt out powerpack.
Anyway, many things have happened recently. People continue to add their name to the database. On 18 April the annual re-union in the Green Man, organised by Colin Gaden, took place with I believe 57 people attending. I went myself, and was very well rewarded: Brenda White from Ampleforth brought in a photograph, lent by Mona Day, of a group of children from Gilling in the 1920s. One of these children was Alma Knowles, later to become Alma Collier, the lady who left us £18000 in her will and initiated our recent appeal for the new library and ICT suite. Another piece in the jigsaw which makes up this valued yet mysterious bequest.
Howard Fox is organising a reunion of the 1958-9 Sixth Form on 24 June. Pauline Dodsworth tells me there is a re-union of the 1970 leavers this weekend. Jim and Margaret Muir, together with John Lamb, visited the School on 14 April - they had come up from Newport in Wales for a 50th aniverary reunion of Norton Scouts.
Mrs Williams, teacher at the School for many years and widow of Headmaster TAW, has donated a photograph album to the Maltonians library. Pictures are in the process of being scanned and will appear on the website.
Some photographs were also donated by ... - again they will appear shortly.
Mike Thorley visited from Hemsworth - he is researching Archbishop Holgate's foundation organisations, the founder of Malton Grammar School and other institutions. Mike is Porter at the Archbishop Holgate Hospital in Hemsworth, Pontefract, and has been researching the three school foundationsat Archbishop Holgate Hospital. They hope to open the museum (by appointment) in the forthcoming months.

19/02/00 Half term has arrived, finally allowing a little breathing space to update this website. It has been a very busy term, with most of my spare time, and some which wasn't spare, going into the Library and ICT project. The library was formally opened on 16 February 2000 by Sir Marcus Worsley - have a look at the Appeal pages for fuller details. These pages include a programme for the evening - you may like to compare a 1959 programme in which Sir Marcus's father, William, opened the extension in which the new library is now housed.
Letters, database forms and visitors continue to arrive at School.
Simon Crozier made a second visit from Germany on 2 February, as he was unable to make the Library opening night. He was able to spend an hour browsing through the archives - which is how we anticipate the new Maltonians section in the library working. His plane flight home was disrupted by the Stansted Airport Afghan hijack, but he got back eventually.
Olive Kirk and her daughter Philippa visited on 17 February, to look at the new library. Olive donated a trophy to the school in memory of one of her other daughters, Davina.
On the opening night I saw a number of Maltonians: Howard Fox, John Rolls, Mary Rolls, Dolly Thackray, Joan Grice, Jean Appleton are just a few who spring to mind. Howard tells me that he and John have organised a reunion of their Sixth Form group, and they hope to meet first in the library before going on to a local hostelry. We welcome any reunion groups to visit: please get in touch.
Correspondence We received a letter from Ida Schofield's (nee Bielby) daughter, Joan Loney (nee Schofield), saying that she had died last month. Ida was the oldest former pupil on our database, having attended Malton School in 1916-21. She sent some pictures of the school its early days, printed in a small booklet of postcard size. You will find a copy in the archives.
An e-mail from Peru arrived - former English and drama teacher Adrian Everett had spotted the school site on the internet and contacted us. Adrian left Malton in 1984 and has since worked in many parts of the world before settling and marrying Lucy from Huarez, Peru: 10000 feet up in the Peruvian Andes. One to add to the world map!
Database forms arrived from Howard Campion, Peter Leadill and Keith Holmes.
An e-mail from Ontario, Canada, arrived, with a request for information on a long-lost pen pal, Marion (Bannister) Hill. Lesley (England) Rheult used to write to her over 40 years ago. If anyone knows of her - please let us know and we will rebuild the connection.

A number of pictures loaned by Joan Grice have been added, including a panoramic view of Malton County Modern, probably in the 60's. There are also pictures of MCM being built (1958), and I have begun to redesign the section of buildings photos, to make it easier to access. There are some pictures from newspaper clippings, including one of Miss Taylor's group in 1944. Welcome to the new millennium to all who trouble to read this website.