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22/12/01 Christmas holidays, and an opportunity to go through all the e-mails and photos and things which have come in, and update the site.
Chris Smailes sent me some names for the 1969 group, in which he appears.
His brother Peter also e-mailed, from Adelaide, where he is to retire as Senior lecturer this year. He mentions Malcolm Oades, another Maltonian, who will be retiring at the same time as Dean of Faculty. Peter writes: "For those who knew my brothers and sister, who also were Maltonians, Pauline, who went on to be a librarian at Leeds University, sadly succumbed to leukemia in her mid forties. Antony taught geography for many years at Gainsborough and is now retired in Beckingham, just outside Gainsborough. Chris is still teaching at the Graham School in Scarborough."

20/11/01 Apologies to all who hold faith with this site. It is not forgotten, but the last couple of months have been extremely busy, and there have been technical problems.
Often I update the site at holiday times - this October half term I decided on a holiday instead! A week on The Isle of Mull was the perfect antidote to school life, and from a cottage overlooking Loch Scridain with birds, seals and even an otter, websites and Maltonians were many miles from my thoughts. What a wonderful place to escape Mull is.
The last few weekends have disappeared to house maintenance - demolition of a porch and the rebuilding of a new one. And a day in Huddersfield watching Great Britain beat Australia in the first Rugby League test.
Add to this approximately two weeks when my laptop died - on which the website resides - and another week re-installing links and data - and the normal demands, and, well, I am afraid I have neglected the site.
People continue to show interest. I have about a dozen e-mail contacts to add. Twenty seven of the 1952 MGS intake met me one Saturday morning in October and had a tour of the school. I have a photo to add to the gallery. Other visitors have been. I am meeting Howard Fox and others tomorrow night to consider the possibility of compiling a book charting the History of the School to the present - in its various guises, and in words and pictures.
Do bear with me - I hope to get some updating done by the end of this month.

17/08/01 Some photos from Pat Gorringe (Pallister) have been added to the 50's section of the photos page

27/07/01 Summer holidays! Following yet another successful Sports Day at the end of term, I have started up a new page concentrating onSport. A set of Sports Day records is included (as far back as Malton School in its comprehensive state goes), along with photos from past sporting events and teams.
Some extra names have been added to photos - thanks to Simon Crozier, and to the Head Boy/Girl list.
The end of term saw a number of staff depart (10!). Two long standing teachers will be remembered by many former pupils- Chris Lawes (Head of RE) and John Dunstan (Head of Geography) were amongst the group. John has taken early retirement following ill health - he has served the School since 1971. Chris accepted a package following the death of his wife Geraldine this year after a long and brave fight against illness. Chris joined the School in 1975. The staff database has been updated.
In the end of term assembly we presented two "new" trophies - to the boy and girl who had given the best service to sport in the school during the year. The trophies are actually updated versions of shields found in our cupboard - both called the Dave Pay Trophy, in memory of a former Sports Master Dave Pay who died in 1969 at the age of 31. I have added some pages from the Maltonian of 1970 paying tribute to Dave (and to Bruce Rolls, who died the same year) , to the archives section. The shields have been added to the Badges page. The same page has a picture of an old silver cup trophy, which we have given a new lease of life as an individual house point trophy.

7/07/01 My apologies for the extended delay in updating this site. I am afraid the last few months have been rather busy in the real job - a number of new appointments, and the annual timetable to write. I think I have written a timetable that works now (famous last words), so I will try and remember what has happened recently.
Simon Crozier visited last week -he has started his own website for the 1967 Malton Grammar School group of which he was a member. He took some photos and Nainotlams to scan for his site. Have a look in on
Some former pupils visited on Open Evening (5 July) - they are now parents of children at school or about to come. I hope they get in touch formally to join the ever growing list.
E-mails continue to arrive - I hope I have put them all on the database.
A press article about our newly appointed Head Boy and Head Girl (Mark Wylie and Phillippa Chapman) prompted some former Head Boy/Girls to get in touch - if there are any more out there please contact me: I would like to find out when the last ones were appointed - I think it is over 25 years ago. It would be nice to have a full list. See the new Head Boy/Girl page.




8/4/01 Easter holidays at last - time to update the site again after a hectic end to term.
Brian Thompson enjoyed his visit to school so much that he came back again towards the end of March, this time bringing his elder brother Roy along. They had a tour of the school with some current students, and a good browse through the archives. They brought in some photos which can be viewed in the 1930's and 1940's former pupils pictures section
Simon Crozier organised a re-union of his schoolfriends at the end of March, and the group very kindly presented the School with a signed copy of an encyclopaedia, which has been placed in our school library. I am hoping Simon will send me some pictures of the day to add to the site - our school digital cameras were otherwise employed during their visit.
E-mails continue to arrive from people who spot the website for the first time - on average a couple each week.
The Malton ATC are celebrating 60 years of their existence, and representatives came in to borrow some 1940's school photos - Mr Williams and Mr Barty played a major part in the organisation's early days in the 1940's.
A reminder that the annual re-union organised by Colin Gaden takes place on Tuesday 24 April at the Green Man.

16/2/01 Mrs Williams came in to school to donate some more photographs this week- panoramics from 1939, 1949 and some earlier ones which are undated. They are now scanned in to the relevant former pupils pictures section.

11/02/01 More tidying of the hard disk resulted in finding a number of scanned photos - sadly without any great detail about them. You will find them in the former pupils pictures section, certainly in these sections: Date Unknown, 1930's, 1940's, 1950's, (snaps from Julie (Dobson) Mason), and 1980's . I would be particularly grateful if anyone can put a date to the "unknowns".
I had a note passed to me to say that Maltonian Philip Harrison, now in his 40's and a trombonist with the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra, will be playing in a Scarborough concert at the Westborough Methodist Church Hall on 31 March 2001. Tickets £5 for adults, children free.

19/01/01 Brian Thompson and his family did call to re-live a few memories today. A tour round the old school and a look at some of the archives appeared to go down very well.
Lesley Preston (nee Hardgrave) e-mailed from Canada, and she mentioned Suzanne Pulleyn (nee Coe) who I connected with son and daughter at school and e-mailed to see if she was the same Suzanne and she said she was and then with one of those remarkable twists of coincidence which I so much enjoy, Suzanne appeared at a school event on Wednesday and introduced herself!
The former pupils database pages have been improved with an index to help take you to the area you are interested in. A couple more people have been added.

01/01/01 In response to an e-mail from Carol Atkins (5/11/00 - sorry for delay) a few corrections and additions have been made to the names on a 1971 photo of 2A. Thanks, Carol.
Susan Ward e-mailed in December - she is bringing her father Brian Thompson up to visit Malton on 19 January. Brian was at school in the 1940's, travelled in from Ampleforth and was a keen cricketer. Does anyone out there remember him?
I have included a 1969 picture of the under-13 cricket team, sent in by Dave Preston. Dave sent this some time ago - apologies for having missed it.
I have been doing a little housekeeping, and checking through e-mails and form returns. As a result the former pupils' database has a number of additions to it. A couple of additions to the memories page and to the former staff database have taken place, and I have added an article about Malton to the Facts and Figures section.
Oh and a Happy New Year to anyone taking the time to read this