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24/12/02 A new scanner has appeared in school, capable of slide transparency and film scanning. Consequently I have scanned all (about 40) of Robin Coulthard's slides from 1966-1971 of Malton County Modern School, and attached the notes he sent with them. I found a collection of photos loaned by Christina Oxtoby back in October 2002, which for some reason I did not add to the site. I have done now - mainly a 1974 Treasure Hunt and a trip to the seaside. The Sports Day pages have been improved, with the 1938 sports pictures being sorted out. Simon Crozier sent a midi file with the MGS School Hymn tune on it - as expressive as all midi files, sadly, but still a fond reminder to those who would like to hear the tune. It should open from Windows Explorer, or alternatively with Windows Media Player.

14/12/02 Some notes from Elizabeth Hanson about her father, following a talk with him about his memories in 2002. A few badges and shields of varying vintage have been scanned or photographed. One is an Investor in People wall-plaque - we achieved this status at the end of November.

7/12/02 Two photos from Jean Freer of the 1950's at Malton National School. One is a 1951 group we already had, but Jean provides a few more names (though one is different to Isabel Monkman's suggestion - Jean Wray or Joan Rapp ?). The second is of a Cabbages and Kings Play in 1957. An album of 7 picture postcards has been scanned in, this from the very early days of the Grammar School. These have been placed in a re-vamped Buildings section , which also includes Aerial pictures, and early County Modern pictures More funds have come in for the Science appeal - donations of £500 and £1000 from two local firms. We are past half way to our £50000 target.. I found a picture of HMS Tiger. I don't know why we have got it. Does anyone out there know? Some photos from MCM of girls on its last day, and of beekeeping in 1968 have been added. A photo of MCM teacher Bill Helling is in the 1970's section of the staff photo album. Simon Crozier e-mailed two orchestra photos from 1971 (1972?). One has been on the site for some time, the other has been added to the 1970's section of the former students photo album. I have scanned in the first page of the staff register for Malton Grammar School 1911, which shows Mr Watt's details. Underneath this on the same page is a copy of the first pupils' record - Eleanor Atkin, who returned to the school later as a member of the teaching staff. Finally six treasured postcards were loaned for scanning - of Norton Boys School in 1917 and Norton Infants in 1919. Not part of Malton's history, but too good to miss out.

30/11/02 Two more photos from the 1940's appear in the photo section. One is of the 1943 Guides group, and the other is from a press cutting, written after a speech day I think 1946 (certainly 1945 or later according to dates on the back of the cutting). More donations come in for Science status - thanks to (from memory) Maltonians Bruce Rolls, Pamela Ginger (Pamela Bennett), Frances Hall, Joan Grice, and to others if I have forgotten you as I sit here at home at the weekend trying to remember the list at school! A £10000 donation was made by the Endowment Governors, which puts us close to half way to our target. Please help. The book writing group met again on Wednesday - it is not forgotten, and is coming together now. We are still looking for photos and memories if you can help. Particularly photos of the National School. With the growing amount of material gathered we are planning an illustrated talk on the history of the school on Wednesday 22 January 2002, at 7.30 p.m. Tickets will be £3, and are available from Steve Fearnley at the school at Middlecave Road, Malton, YO17 7NH, tel. 01653 692828, or e-mail There will be a licensed bar. All proceeds towards the Science appeal. An invoice for tuition fees from 1941 was sent in. It has been scanned into the archives for your interest. The New Maltonian Volume 6 (December 1984) was passed on to me by John Dunstan. A summary appears in the archive section. This leaves Number 1 and Number 4 still missing from our collection - can anyone help?

23/11/02 Apologies to those of you who check for news regularly - I am afraid the day job has been getting in the way again. We have just had our annual Celebration Evening - a great success with over 400 people attending, but also a very time consuming exercise (well worth it to celebrate the achievements of our students). David Houseman got in touch to tell me that a plaque commemorating Archbishop Holgate was to be unveiled in London - 15 November. Archbishop Holgate founded Malton School in 1546, as well as Archbishop Holgate's School in York. For those interested I have included some notes from David on the Archbishop Holgate's Society - even though it is really the OMA equivalent at another school. Sue Cooke (Sue Miller) sent in a couple of photos with her daughter Hannah. One is already on the website - a 1965 MCM whole school picture. The other is a picture of the 1965-6 Hockey team from Malton County Modern, with all team members named. Our Science status fundraising is progressing steadily - we now have £12650 pledged or donated. Thanks to Old Maltonians who have contributed - we still need a lot more. Can you introduce us to any businesses who may be interested in sponsoring us? Have you considered contacting others from your old year group and making a significant joint contribution? Please help - we must make a success of this bid.

28/10/02 Please read our new pages about Science status. This is a big project for the school. We need everyone to understand what it involves - it involves new science facilities and hundreds of thousands of pounds of extra funding for the whole school in the next four years - and we need your help to raise the initial £50 000

18/10/02 Two photos from Malton National School - one of staff and one of students - from 1933. Also some memories from Dave Evans, former Head Boy and pupil of the MGS 1958-65.

4/10/02 Some memories spanning 1955 to 1986 were passed on to me from Molly McKie - formerly Molly Skelton. She writes about her time at Malton National School, Malton County Modern and Malton School. Janet Marwood on her visit to the last week's reunion left a photograph of her father Ken, performing in the Sigma Rhythm Heptet in 1944. A picture of the Head Girl badge brought in by Christina Oxtoby is on the Badges page.

28/09/02 A group of former students from 1967-74 visited the school on Friday 27/9. Simon Crozier, who organised the meeting, planted two trees which the group donated to the school. A few photos were taken as they walked around.

20/9/02 A few corrections to details on Janet Robson's photo collection. Also I am told the picture from Des Reed I added last week as the National School was actually the old Greengate School - a British School. This makes more sense, as memories of the national school mention the girls playground at the front. So still no picture of the old Senior School. Surely someone must have taken one? A few additions to the former pupil database have been made - they keep coming, mostly via e-mail.

15/09/02 Alf Williamson, grandfather of John Newton who is currently in Year 10 at Malton School, loaned us a number of postcards showing schools in the early 1900's, as well as two photos from inside the Malton National School on St Michael's Street, and some pictures of St Michael's private school. Also Des Reed loaned a photo of Greengate School just prior to demolition. One of Alf's postcard is of a Silver Jubilee celebration in 1935, outside Old Malton School, which has been put in the 1930's section of the former pupil pictures. Some names are on the reverse of the card. Laul Ianson is one named. His granddaughter Rachel is currently in school.

6/09/02 Some memories from Doreen Smith (nee Wilkinson), who was an evacuee to Malton from Hull Newlands Girls High during the second world war.

01/09/02 Mr Gresswell's reports from 1975-1988 have now all been summarised. These have allowed many details in the staff lists for the schools to be confirmed and updated, and similarly for details on exams results and school roll numbers. They have provided significant material for the History of Malton School book. A few photos from 1970-1990 would be welcome - does anyone out there have pictures from trips to Greece, Rome, Langdale, London, Saltwick, East Barnby - all of which were regular features over many years.

23/08/02 I received a copy of the sheet music (vocal and accompaniment) for the School Hymn (MGS) - Eternal Ruler of the Ceaseless Round - from Brian Windsor. A sheet on copyright came with it, so if you would like a copy, try and search for the title. They will provide a copy at £1.75. Howard also brought in an MGS Psalter, and a portrait photo of George Hanson.

22/08/02 GCSE results were released today, and a press release appears in the exam section. We can't quite claim these to be our best - last year's exceptional results still hold that record - but they do represent a very good performance from some delightful, and delighted, students. There were many smiles and jumps for joy when the results were handed over this morning.

20/08/02 More Head's reports have been summarised (Sept 72, Oct 1973, Oct 74, May 75).

16/08/02 A level results day 15 August 2002. Malton School receives the best A level results on record - highest average points score, highest pass rate ever of 98.3% (the national was 94% - we only had two fails from 116 entries), 40% of entries resulting in A or B. A press release is included in the exam section, and the table of results for A level 1990 - 2002, together with charts and graphs, has been updated (click on A level Graphs).

11/08/02 The staff list for Malton School 1971 has been added to the site. This was, therefore, the first teaching staff of Malton School. Sadly no photograph was taken of the team.

08/08/02 I have finally added 6 pictures from the 1950's sent in by Geoff Myers quite a few weeks ago now. I have updated the former pupils' database to include recent e-mails. A summary of the three New Maltonians' magazines (1982-4) in my possession has been included. Also some Headmaster's reports by John Gresswell in the 1970's have surfaced, and have been summarised.

24/7/02 Denise Weston (daughter of Alfred Barty) sent me a long letter in February 2002, in response to the questionnaire about the School's past published in the January newsletter. I have just got round to scanning it in. It makes for interesting reading - human memory is a marvellous thing - Denise is now approaching 80. Norman Race brought in a Sports Day Programme from July 1946. In typing it out, I realise how much punctuation has changed - the full stop is everywhere in the programme after every number, after initials (Rowsby G.), Mr., after every title. And girls and boys - a girl is M. Sagar, a boy would be just Sagar, unless there are two, then Pattison K. and Pattison R. (the initial coming after the name, whereas before for Girls). Apologies if all the full stops are not there - it is difficult to break a modern habit. The programme prompted me to update and re-design the Sports section, adding links to photos recently acquired.

23/7/02 A letter to new recruits of Malton County Modern in 1969, outlining the school rules regarding uniform, has been added to the site. Also a 1962 picture of Form V, loaned by Clive Burns, has been added. Norman Race brought in a couple of exam papers. One is a 1932 Geography School Certificate Paper.

20/7/02 The end of term, and a few farewells. Mary and Wilson Train retired - Mary after nearly forty years working at Malton School, and Wilson after 8 years. Mary has worked on the kitchen staff up to 1981, and then on the cleaning staff to the present day, as well as relief caretaker. Jean Howell retired as bursar after 23 years at the school. Jean has been responsible for keeping us solvent, but also for the many developments of the school premises in recent times - the library, art rooms, music centre - just three of a long list all organised by Jean. With perfect timing her first grandchild was born on Tuesday of this week, and her first port of call in her retirement is to see the new arrival. Felix Quero has spent a year with us teaching Maths and ICT, and is moving on to take up a post at a private school in the south. Karlie Peters - a former Sixth Form pupil and daughter of teacher Carol Peters, leaves after spending a year working in a support capacity, and latterly assisting with Games. A couple of items have prompted a new page to be created, the Old Maltonians Association. As Jean Howell cleared out some of her drawers and cupboards, a number of OMA items surfaced which will appear on this page. Just a couple of old tickets for now. She also handed over some packets of Latin postcards - those of you schooled in the ancient language may wish to see how much you remember. Six small snaps arrived from Helen Paylor (nee Challiss), of the class of 1978 following her Open Evening visit. Before leaving, Mary Train passed on a picture of Klondyke Bill - professional wrestling name of former pupil Gordon Lythe from the 1960s. On Wednesday evening 17/7/02 Liz Betts (nee Lacey) and a few friends from 1960-67 visited the school and had a tour around, before moving on to the Green Man for a meal. A few names and pictures have been included on the site.

12/7/02 Shirley Wheatley (nee Hornsey) sent in a selection of photos from her time at school 1949-54. You will find them in the 1940's section of the photos pages. I have also scanned a front page cover of the Form IV magazine - Miss Orr's group production of the late 1930's I presume. The contents of the magazine will follow. Michael Wilson from Ganthorpe sent in a 1971 photo of Miss Fricker's form following his visit to Open Evening last week. You will find this in the 1970's photos section. June Brook also visited on Open Evening, and sent in four photos of 1969 Hockey and Rounders teams, a 1969 form group and a 1971 Form group. Also some names for a 1969 group with Mrs Kay.

5/7/02 Brenda Beal's memories of the Old Maltonians Association have been included on the site, thanks once again to school secretary Miriam Hall's typing up her letter. Miriam has been busy, and the following have also been typed up and included. Jean Evans' (nee Bielby) memories of the 1930's, . Mary Ledraw was an evacuee from Hull during the second World War, and Vic Wilson, Yorkshire and England cricketer, wrote to us about his days at MGS in the 1930's. The display of photographs and documents about the School's past proved very popular at Open Evening on Thursday, and many visitors stopped to take a look. There were many promises of further contributions to come. As always, after the event I cannot remember half of what was said, but David Ring told me an interesting tale about a trip to Whitby when Mr Crawshaw took a group out in a boat, the engine failed and they drifted out to sea, eventually being spotted by a minesweeper, which came in to harbour and sent out a boat to rescue the party. By coincidence, later on in the open evening, Barbara Crawshaw came into the room, and she confirmed the story about her father. I wish I had had a tape recorder running to get the detail right. There were many parents of children soon to join the school who were former students of the school themselves. I also had a visit the day before from former student Chris Jefferson, who has just gained a First Class Honours Degree in Mathematics and Computing from Girton College, Cambridge.



28/06/02 Another picture of a 1951 Senior School class has been loaned by M Harrison of Norton - look in the Senior School area. Elizabeth Hanson, daughter of former Malton County Modern Headmaster George Hanson, sent in a couple of photos of her father. I tried to send a newsletter to everyone with an e-mail address. Around 30 came back as undeliverable - so don't trust some of the e-mail addresses in the former pupils database. If you didn't get a newsletter but would like to receive them, please e-mail me. Of course, they are available on the website in newsletters. Mary Train passed a couple of photos of the kitchen staff from the early days of Malton County Modern. One of the ladies is Ivy Lythe, mother of Gordon Lythe - the "Klondike Kid" or "Giant Haystacks", a professional wrestler in the 1970's. He died in 1979. Does anyone know any more about him? (He is not the more famous Giant Haystacks of later years, who came from Surrey). The 1980 newsletter 1 has been updated with the missing pages. Also John Delaval's name has been spelt correctly in memories. Names have been added to the Year 11 2002 photo. I apparently missed a verse out of the school hymn - this has now been added. Memories from Barbara (Nicholls) Johnson, a pupil 1938-44, have been added to the memories section, with thanks to school secretary Miriam Hall for typing them out. The School Open Evening is on Thursday 4 July, 7.00 - 9.00pm. Please come along if you can - there will be a display on the history of the school, as well as information about the History Book project.

22/06/02 An early 12-page prospectus arrived from Rod Glover, now in Halifax, Nova Scotia. There is no indication of date, other than Mr Watt was Headmaster, and the Chairman of Governors was H R Fitzwilliam. So pre-1936. Photos continue to arrive - I will scan when time permits. A list of names for a 1934 whole school picture was brought in - these have been added to the picture. A first draft of the 1989-2001 chapter of the history book has been put on the site - with no excuses for errors or omissions. If you would like to read and correct or add to it, or comment on style, please do so. Visits to the new-look website (created at Easter) exceeded 1000 during the week.

15/06/02 A set of 8 newsletters from 1980 onwards have turned up. They are being scanned as time permits - most of the first and second one is already done. Six pictures of the early days of Malton County Modern have been sent in by Hazel Chapman - nee McCavish. They are available on the Malton County Modern pages

14/06/02 On return to school, I was saddened to hear of the death last week of John Delaval. He was interviewed by John Dunstan only a few weeks ago - a transcript is in the memories section. John's funeral was on Thursday 13 June 2002. I understand a number of his former colleagues attended - Graham Magee, Peter Eggleston, John Gresswell, Mollie McKie (Skelton), Robin Coulthard, George Rowntree.

9/06/02 A couple of photos of 1960's netball teams have been added. Also a 1964 MGS whole school photo.

8/06/02 Simon Crozier wrote with a little more information about the school hymn - definitely sung up to the end of MGS. I have updated the maps as best I can - the UK map is getting a little crowded, especially down south. Wagga Wagga has been added to the world map, after contact from Elizabeth & Jane Marwood, (1970's) and their father (1939-45). Apologies if you have contacted me recently and your name does not appear in the contacts database. I have had computer problems which have required a number of wipe and start from scratch solutions, and have lost some e-mails in the process. Please contact me again. Liz Betts - Elizabeth Lacey when at school, daughter of MCM Deputy Head Audrey Lacey - has contacted me with the request to allow her re-union group to meet at the school at 4.30 pm on 17 July 2002, before going on for a meal. Please contact her at if you would like to attend.

3/06/02 Gillian Taylor sent three pages of memories about her time at school, and her parents. You will find these in the memories section. The school hymn (MGS) has also been added to the site. Does anyone know when it ceased to be sung? Was it still a part of proceedings at the end of the grammar school days? A collection of photos from Norman Race, of Osbaldwick, York, has been scanned. Some are 1940s, others 1930 or earlier.

25/05/02 The usual apologies for a gap in updates - the day-job keeps getting in the way. With the departure of my exam groups, I have spent a day putting some of the material which has arrived recently on to the site. For example, Mrs Williams was interviewed a few weeks ago, and a transcript appears in the memories section, as does Barbara Medd's recollections of Malton Senior School. I have added a new page about the Senior School - which to date has a few photos and some memories, but I hope to expand as more is revealed. Can you help? We would really like a photo of the school, but cannot find one. A photo on the top of Snowdon has been added to the 60's section. There are many new photos arriving almost daily, and I am trying to scan them in as time permits. There are also people writing with their memories. All is being filed, and will be added later. I put a small article in the Middlesbrough Evening Gazette, wondering if anyone remembers being evacuated to Malton during the war. The result was two phone calls, one of which led to Newlands Convent School sending me a copy of their history (1872-1972), in which 2 pages appear about Malton. The whole school - teachers and pupils - transferred here and shared the building during the war. There is a photo of the 4th form girls outside the school in the book (yet to scan). Ray Metcalfe from Scarborough has been in touch, and has sent photos of the 1940's. Also Arthur Snowball - again of the 1930's era, has sent photos via his granddaughter Hayley who is currently in the 6th form, along with some memories. There is a 1990's staff photo of Philip Mason and Hugh Spencer's retirement. Some copies of newsletters introduced in 1980-2 have emerged. They have not been scanned, but items from them have been incorporated in the databases of staff, drama productions, trips, and school roll numbers.

11/04/02 Richard Abbott visited school - left in 1984. He is now a police inspector in Knaresborough, and is about to take up with on a youth project. He hopes to contact us with more details and memories now that he has made the initial contact - does anyone out there remember Tessa Sanderson and John Craven visiting school? Richard does - he sat on Tessa's knee, and certainly remembers that. In connection with the history project, John Dunstan has interviewed former teacher John Delaval, and his memories are recorded in the memories section. After a number of weeks waiting, the Gazette and Herald have finally printed some of the old photos and an article about our History Book Project. We hope this will bring in some additional response.

8/4/02 Please bear with teething problems for the new style site - I am having some problems moving files around on the ISP. Readers may be interested in a new site for Ryedale - will have news items in print and audio. Contributors as well as listeners welcome.

4/4/02 Major changes have been undertaken during the Easter vacation. We now have a more memorable domain name : which should help you locate us more easily in future. We have merged our two sites on to one ISP, with one address. Because of the changes there may be a few links which do not work properly, as considerable reorganisation of files has taken place. Please let me know if you come across problems. A summary of minutes of MCM and MGS has been added, and from these minutes staff details, drama productions and school trips have all been updated, as have details of the school roll numbers. Photos have been added of the Year 11 in 2001 and 2002 in the new 2000+ section.

16/3/02 Rosemary Thacker, daughter of former Headmaster Philip Taylor, responded to the History questionnaire, with a brief biography of her father, along with some memories of her school days. Keith Thompson, a former Head Boy at MCM (or "Head lad" as he called himself) visited the school on Monday 11/3/02, and enjoyed a tour of the old building. If you have been trying to look at the alphabetical list of those who have contacted us, you will have experienced some strange effects. Apologies - something appears to have stripped all the spaces out of the page, including the important spaces between elements of code. I have corrected the code so it should view OK now. I will put back the spaces in the details at a future time. A very important thing is space. The OFSTED report on the school inspection of January 21-25 2002 arrived this week. I have put a summary report (verbatim) on the site. The full report (an 80 page document) is, or should be, published on the OFSTED website, as for all reports on all schools. A very brief summary would be that the report is very positive about the vast majority of school life.

9/3/02 All sorts coming in. Janet Robson sent in a collection of photographs from 1946 to 1951. These have been scanned and put on the site, though have yet to be tidied up in terms of presentation and details. The slides that Robin Coulthard sent of Malton County Modern have been scanned - not brilliant quality but they have been put on as a temporary exhibition until time permits a better display. The 1963 prospectus is now available to you, as is a small booklet entitled Old Maltonians Association Constitution. The 1963 Yorkshire Life article is also now available. Apologies if the site is a little difficult to navigate at present - I am planning an overhaul soon. I have begun using FrontPage to assist with site maintenance, and as I move things around I may have broken some of the links. Let me know of any problems.

28/02/02 Some interesting developments. A number of new photos have arrived from various sources - a group from St Michael's Street in c1952, a picture of Joyce Wilson in 194?, two MCM netball teams in 1965 and 1968, an MCM whole school photo with many identifying names. Also we have found the Governors' minutes from 1926-1971 for MGS, and for 1958-1971 for MCM. A 1962 prospectus. An article from Yorkshire Life in 1963 on MGS, with photos. All will appear on this site in the fullness of time (the minutes are a bit dry to include - interesting extracts only. Two of our Sixth Form historians, plus our Head of History Ann-Margaret Hetherton, went to "interview" Mrs Williams this week. In fact it was more a question of listening, in some amazement at her powers of recall. We have a tape recording, so the material will all feed into our history project. E-mails continue to arrive from people who spot us on the net. There have been more IT equipment problems. My laptop has finally died, and unfortunately this includes its hard drive, where this website resided. I have recovered everything from the internet onto a new laptop, but unfortunately I do not have any copy of the e-mail address book. Apologies if you have e-mailed and not received a reply.

15/02/02 A few more names added to the database, taking us to 305. I intended highlighting number 300, but it has passed me by in the bunch of those waiting to be added. I seem to get two or three form returns each week now - the search engines do seem to pick up the site. Half term has been and gone - I am sure I did some other site updating, but I cannot remember what it was. Probably just cosmetic.

02/02/02 A very rare date. I suppose all dates are unique, but there is a nice ring to 02/02/02. A number of things recently: the School had an OFSTED (Office for Standards in Education) inspection team in for the week of 21 - 25 January, watching lessons, reading policies, checking exam results. They have yet to write the full report, but indications there is a lot of very good things going on at the school, and the report will be a good one. Dave Preston and his sister Susan visited the school yesterday - Dave from Vancouver, Canada, and Susan from Italy. They are over visiting their mother in Old Malton. Dave presented a copy of his latest book to the library - Rails & Rooms - a journey across Canada. You will find a picture in the Reunions and Visitors section. In response to an article in the Ryedale Mercury in January, Brenda Beal telephoned. She was a pupil at MGS in the 1950's, and returned as a member of staff in the 60's. She has kindly donated the minutes book for the Old Maltonians Association, 12/9/1957 - 14/2/73. The final entry indicates that the Association was to be wound up on 15/3/1973. Is it time to resurrect something - possibly a Friends of Malton School? Brenda also loaned some photographs of the whole school 1949, 1952 and 1961, a group photo from 1951, and a staff photo from 1962. A group of 4 have met twice to discuss the production of a book, charting the last 100 years of the School - to include Grammar, County Modern and Comprehensive versions. The book will have photographs, history and anecdotes, will be published professionally, will probably cost £10 - £12, and may be ready for 2003. An additional section has been added to this site to chart proceedings on this exciting project. If you can contribute photographs or memories, please get in touch with me.

07/01/02 Back to school today. Some new names added to the database, and a picture of the latest group to leave - the Year 13 of 2001 - at their certificate presentation evening in December. In the Reunion section

04/01/02 Congratulations to Kevin Arbuthnot, a former pupil of the late 60's, on his receiving honours in the Queens Honours list - he received the QUEENS FIRE SERVICE MEDAL.

01/01/02 The database of people who have contacted us has been updated - about 20 people. We are nearing 300 contacts now. I have put one re-union photo in the reunion section - I am afraid I have misplaced another from Brian Windsor. Keep a look out for a change of web address soon - we are investigating a more meaningful and memorable domain name, and combining the main school website and this one. We will e-mail everyone we can with the change when it happens.