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30/12/03 Christmas Holidays and a chance to catch up on a few gaps. It has been a very busy term. In November I foolishly offered to shave off my beard if the students raised £1200 for Children In Need. With a concert, a repeat of the Full Monty routine from the Easter Show, biscuit and cake sales, fancy dress football and just shaking buckets in front of people every lunchtime for a week, they managed to raise £1600. The beard came off - the evidence is on the staff page. It has now grown back, though I am convinced there is more grey than there used to be. One of the big demands on my time is the organisation of our annual Celebration Evening - in which we review the previous year and make a number of awards. Sort of a Speech Day but less formal and more entertaining. A new section is now included on the site which will give you a flavour of what the evening is all about, though photographs are limited as we do not show photos of students still at school where they can be identified. There is a review month by month of the school year 2002-3 (including events out of school), and a 2003 Quiz. I found a large number of photos of sports groups outside West Wing gym recently. Most are from the 1990's and late 1980's. I have put a couple on the site in the 1990's section of the former pupils photos page just to get started. I scanned the front cover of a school magazine - Ten to Four. Anyone remember it? Progress on the Science College status bid has been another area taking up time. A second bid has been submitted, and this time we have had a visit from a government official to look at our school and the finer details of the bid. We remain hopeful - a decision is expected in January 2004. The History of Malton School Book Project has suffered from the same lack of time that the website has - but it is still progressing. I have put an update on progress on the History Project pages, including some draft chapters. These are included partly to prove that things are happening, but more so in the hope that visitors to the site will add memories, correct details and fill in the many gaps and questions that still remain.

3/12/03 This site is still live - I must apologise for not putting any data on the site recently, but will do my best to add new material in the coming weeks, and certainly over the Christmas holiday. Its the usual problem, they expect me to work for my money at school, and I have been exceptionally busy on Science status, the Annual Celebration Evening, and now on the Christmas show. ADd in a holiday to Venice and helping my mother move house and time for websites has been limited. I hope to put a number of more recent photos on soon - 1980's and 1990's - found in the Sports changing rooms. Also a couple of older snaps from the early days. Please keep checking.

20/10/03 Apologies for the long gap - the day job is to blame. I have scanned some slides given to me Gillian Taylor, taken by her father in the 1960's and 1970's. Currently they include a Lyke Wake Walk group 1967, The Birds cast 1962, and Sports Day 1971. More to follow.

29/09/03 A number of pupils have now been identified in the 1958 album photos.

26/09/03 The School Motto. There appear to have been three over the last century - I do not know if there was one before the 1911 re-opening. I welcome advice from former students on what the motto was in their day, and if it was known to them - there appears to be some uncertainty before 1955. The A64 by-pass. Crossing over the footbridge at the end of Middlecave Road on the annual sponsored walk, reminded me that the bypass chopped through some of the School's grounds. Graham Magee remembers sitting in the Rural Studies room when the first diggers began cutting the swathe, and thinks this would be 1969. Does anyone else have any memories?

19/09/03 The photo of Maths teachers at Richard Hilton's retirement has finally been added. George Rowntree, Philip & Janet Mason, Alan Martindale, Steve Fearnley, Della Hayward, Carol Peters and of course, Richard Hilton. Three school ties were donated by Rosemary Taylor - I have scanned them onto the site. I would be interested to know what period they come from, and if the different patterns pertain to different age groups or privileges.

12/09/03 A photo of the girls' netball team from the early 1980's was found when clearing out our staff changing room. All names provided.

05/09/03 Sports Records 1971-2003 have been updated to include the 17 new records from Summer 2003. (3 records broken, plus 14 new events).

03/09/03 During the last week of the summer holidays, I visited Rosemary Thacker (Philip Taylor's daughter) in Matlock, Derbyshire. She donated the school a large number of photos, newsclippings, booklets and items for the archive, mainly from the 1950's and 1960's, which I shall gradually put on to the site. Some of the photos are already available.

26/08/03 Volume 1 (1966-7) of Nainotlam has been summarised in a new section on the site.

21/08/03 GCSE results day - like the A level results, they represent the best on record. A press release and statistics have been updated in the exam section. Emma Cox, who left in 1994, popped in to see us during the day.

19/08/03 A plan of MGS in 1950 has been added - sent in by Janet Robson some time ago. In researching for The Book, I noticed that the 1963 Prospectus on the site was incomplete, so have added the remaining pages. It gives notes on the uniform of the day, rules, and other items of interest to prospective parents and pupils.

17/08/03 Four pictures of sports teams from 1952 have been added. Three girls teams with Miss Stavely, plus the boys football XI with Mr Rolls. Also a set of 15 photos from 1969 have been scanned and added to the site. (Some had been on previously).

15/08/03 We have a complete album of 15 school photos from 1958, in fine condition. Now available on the site.

14/08/03 The A level results for 2003 arrived in school today - once again our best ever. A press release is on the site, and the statistical diagrams and tables have been updated to include these. Have a look at the exams section. Simon Crozier pointed out the Head Boy / Girl list was not appearing on the site - this should now be fixed. Please do alert me if a section of the site does not appear properly - I test that my home copy works, but that does not always mean that I have transferred files to the net correctly. Following Simon's suggestion, I consulted the 1969 Nainotlam in search of Sports Day winners - and was successful in finding the missing pair of Victor and Victrix for the year - Wendy Johnson and Nigel Blakeborough. This leaves the only omission in the Victor and Victrix Ludorem as the 1963 winners - can anyone help?

6/08/03 A picture of the 1960 Yorkshire Cricket Team has been added to the site, as it was captained by former MGS pupil J V Wilson. It came from the 1961 Yorkshire CCC handbook, in which there is also a picture of Sir William Worsley, who became president of the club in that year. One addition to the Head Boy & Girl list for 1973-4, courtesy of Simon Crozier. Paul Levesley and Christine Oxtoby. I found a 1971 picture of the MGS staff - just before merger - which I had scanned but not previously put on the site. Now available. I would welcome help with a few missing names.

24/07/03 A few more updates from the Maltonians, as I trawl through them researching for the History of Malton School book. (Yes - work is still in progress - I am spending most mornings this summer holiday on the book). An interview with Terry Dyson from 1961, following Spurs win in the Cup, and a letter from Yorkshire Cricket captain Vic Wilson in the same year have been added. Also a tribute to Beatrice Goldberg, who died in 1961. Can anyone positively identify all the staff in the 1950/51 staff photo - a significant year with Mr Williams retiring, and a couple of names would make a complete set.

22/07/03 My usual apologies for a long gap in updates - end of term pressure of timetabling and collation of results as ever get in the way of such pastimes as a Maltonian website. Hopefully the many new additions will make up for this. Firstly, I have now completed summaries of the Maltonians in Volume 10 and Volume 11 (the 1960's and 1970, 1971). Where photographs are included, these have been scanned and added to the site. Where drama productions are reported, casts have been put on the site - a list appears under Drama Productions. Sports Day Victor and Victrix Ludorem results are now almost complete - but can anyone help with 1963 and 1969, which infuriatingly are not named in the magazines? The Head Boy and Girl lists likewise have been updated, giving a complete list from 1954-1971. I have put the entire text of some pages on the site - for example, letters discussing the proposed changes to education in the 1966 edition, tributes to Bruce Rolls, Dave Pay and AB in the 1970 edition. You will find the links in the volume summaries. Roger Robinson visited the archive, tracing his family who were at Malton School from the early days. Richard Hilton retired at the end of term, after 32 years teaching in the Maths department of the school - that is, since its creation as Malton School. The day before his retirement the current Maths department (Carol Peters, Della Hayward and Steve Fearnley), took Richard out to dinner at the Crown and Cushion, Welburn, where unbeknown to him we had arranged for four former mathematical colleagues to be present - George Rowntree, Alan Martindale, and Philip and Janet Mason. (photo to follow).

12/06/03 Kerry Martin (nee Rolls) sent a copy of the photo she took when over here on a visit from Australia, pictured in the school office with two schoolfriends from The Avenue, Norton. I have also scanned a photo of Mr Williams from the 1951 copy of The Maltonian - not good quality due to the screen on the print, but a good portrait otherwise.

6/06/03 Kitty Thackray sent a CD with photos from her time at MGS in the 1940's. Some we already have and have been on the site for a while, but three are new.




28/05/03 In researching for the History of Malton School book (not forgotten - still in progress) I have been reading the Maltonians magazines, and summarising whilst reading. Volume 8 , 1951-55 is summarised on the site now, as is Volume 9, 1956-60, and various other elements have been updated as a result of facts revealed in the magazines -Head Boy and Girl list, Drama Productions and cast lists, sports records, for example. In doing this I realised I had a photo of Thread o' Scarlet from 1955 which has not previously appeared on the site.

25/05/03 Year 13 students left this week to start their study leave - the "A2" and "AS" exams are now upon us. Phoebe Court and Lindsay Hawthorne organised a very enjoyable leavers dinner and dance at The Feathers Hotel, Helmsley. Again students dressed to impress and behaved with great maturity and pleasantness. Kerry Martin, nee Rolls, called in whilst over here from Melbourne, Australia last week - sadly she was visiting shortly after attending the funeral of her mother, Mary Rolls. She did say that she had managed to see here mother before she died. Kerry attending Malton School Sixth Form in 1961-3.

18/05/03 Year 11 students left school this week to start their study leave - revision at home while they sit their GCSE exams. They had an excellent "Prom" at the school last Tuesday, with suits and ball-gowns the order of the night. On the final day there were many activities. Included was what has become a traditional final assembly from myself - readers may like to have a look at the script of this year's and the previous years' assemblies. Some pictures of the final day may appear at a later date.

11/05/03 Two visitors to school this week from past times. David Evans was at school in 1958 - 65, and now lives in Johannesburg. He is over here for a week or two, and popped in for a tour around the old school. He brought a photo in of the 11+ boys from Norton Boys School in 1958, which has been added to the site. David Thackray who was at school in the 1940's also popped in to give some names of people on a photo from the 1940's. The two Dave's were photographed on their visits, and appear on the reunion and visitors pages.

3/05/03 Apologies yet again. You may have experienced problems accessing the website in the last few days. We have moved our site to a different server, and are now hosted by the North Yorkshire service provided by Vital online. Our full address is, but we have retained the domain name of, which now points to the new address. will get e-mails through to the school office, as will will get e-mails to me at school, an address I look at daily during school terms. Please let me know if you find any errors on the newly uploaded site. The Annual Green Man reunion of Old Maltonians took place on Tuesday 29 April 2003. I managed to pop over between teaching for half an hour. David Thackray loaned me a couple of his photos from the 1940's, and donated a hat and tie.

20/4/03 Apologies for the lack of updates - as usual the end of term events took precedence: two Easter shows based on music and dance from the world of the movies were staged on 9 & 10 April 2003. Some memories from John Dunstan about his arrival in Malton and appointment to the new Malton School (1971) have been added. Names have been added to the database at last - from various e-mails received over recent months. I was surprised how far back I had to go to get every new e-mail registered - well before Christmas. Apologies to those who have been waiting. I suppose an efficient website organiser would do each one as they came in, rather than spending a couple of hours every few months. But then there is always that other job that gets in the way - the one that pays me. New additions are, in alphabetical order by schoolname: Sean Cunningham MS 1986-1992; Mick Dixon MGS 1959 1964; Duckels, Ruth (now Ashman) MCM 1966-1976; Gray, Pamela (now Broster) MGS 1938 1944; Green, Kathryn MS 1990 1995; Horsley, Doreen (now Myers) MGS 1954 1959; Jarvis, Mabel (now Jowsey) MGS 1944 1949; Lamb, Rachael MS 1986 1994; Lamb, Rebecca (now Burley) MS 1984 1992; Leadill, Andrew MCM 1967 1973; Lowe, Marion MGS 1962 1969; Myers, Geoff MGS 1953 1958; Nesfield, Michael Robert MGS 1948 1955; Page, John MGS 1968 1971; Pickering, Tim MS 1977 1982; Pople, John MS 1981 1986; Senior, Brian MS 1989 1996; Thackray, Graham Anthony MCM MS 1970 1975; Tolson, John Michael MNS MCM 1956 1960; Ward, Margaret Gibson MGS 1949 1956; Wilford, Trevor MCM 1962 1966. I've updated the contacts maps too - though they are getting a bit crowded now. In response to a request from John Horsman, Val Lange sent in a list of ski-trip venues over the last 25 years. She is not certain of those before 1991. Can anyone put her right or confirm ?

21/3/03 Some pictures from the 1970's added this week. Gillian Guildford loaned some pictures for scanning - 1977 and 1999 5th year - U6th. Photos of drama productions in 1973-5 have been added - Pygmalion, A Phoenix Too Far, The Demon, The Bridestones. A photo of John Gresswell and the memorial plaque to Philip Taylor has been added.

14/3/03 Good news on the Science Appeal - we have passed our £50000 target, and we have sent off our application for approval by the government. Press coverage appears on the Science Appeal site. Of course if you were thinking of making a contribution, don't let this stop you - we need a lot more to build our four new Science laboratories. A set of pictures from the 1990's have been added to the site - Maybeck Geography Field Trips, London Trip, Watersports, Science Lab, Henry production, etc. It's time the recent students got a bit more of a showing.

8/03/03 33 pictures from Mrs Williams' album have finally been added to the site. Mrs Williams' donated the album to the school some time ago, and odd pictures have already appeared on the site. The remaining pictures are now available.

01/03/03 The foundation document of 1547 has been added to the site, together with a translation. We now have a full size photograph of the original document in the school archive. The ski-trip to Switzerland mentioned below was not a ski-trip - just a trip. There were two such trips - one to the Bernese Oberland in 1985, and one to Interlaken in 1986. They were joint ventures with Easingwold. I am still not sure which of the two the photos scanned are from. Some names added to the Smike pictures, and John Gresswell's retirement pictures

21/02/03 Not too much added, but 18 pictures from a 1980's ski trip to Switzerland (I think) were loaned by Richard Peters, who is on some photos, and these have been scanned in. No details as yet - were you on the trip? Also some pictures from Keith Williams of ski trips, climbing and watersports trips in the 1980s. Also some staff photos from John Gresswell's retirement dinner in 1989.

13/02/03 Some memories of Malton Senior School 1951-54 arrived from Terry Pallister via e-mail. Frank and critical, they do paint a clear picture of schooling at this school in the 1950's.

08/02/03 More photos arrived following the History of Malton School talk. Former youth tutor Richard Peters loaned me an album in which there are photos of Smike and other productions. I have yet to get any details to go with them. There are also lots of pictures from the 1920's, brought in by a Mr Brian Found, most relating to Phyllis Witty and her work and involvement with the guides. And some photos of football teams from 1965 and 1966 MCM, and a photo of the first assembly at Malton County Modern - taken on the first day.

01/02/03 An interesting date for a mathematician like myself. Our site manager Trevor Wilford brought in 3 football team photos, plus a Toad of Toad Hall programme, from his days at Malton County Modern in 1962-66. A student's exercise book from 1828 was donated to us some time ago. A few pages of the immaculate handwriting have been scanned. The book belonged to a Richard Copping.

31/01/03 I find myself at home as the school is closed due to severe weather conditions. I have put a picture of a similar day from February 1991 on the site. Apologies for regular readers for the lack of updates recently - all efforts have gone in to preparing the History of Malton School talk on Wednesday 29 January. The evening was a success, with over 80 people attending. Most spotted themselves or a relative on at least one of the 240 slides shown on the night. All funds raised go towards our appeal fund, which has reached almost £37000, but progress is faltering slightly - we need some more sponsors please. It would be a great shame not to hit our £50000 target by our deadline of March. The History talk was given using powerpoint, with six slide shows covering themes through the years of the School's history - Buildings, Trips, Staff, Sport, Drama and groups. A CD is available if anyone would like a copy of the shows - you don't need Powerpoint to run them. Price £3, plus £1 postage & packing for GB addresses.

The history evening certainly generated a lot of interest, and as a result many new photographs have come in over the last two weeks, and more were promised on the evening. I also met John Gresswell for an interesting hour and a half, and talked about his time at the school. It will take a while to get all the new material on the website, but as a starter I have put some of the 1978 Oliver pictures on, plus a full cast list.

09/01/03 Some entertaining memories from Tony Kirby have been sent in, included in the memories section

08/01/03 The MCM slides temporarily lost thankfully were found hidden in the wrong folder. A great relief as there are around forty of them, and the page displaying them (all with commentary notes from Robin Coulthard) took some hours to create. They are now posted for all to see. Coming soon: slides and photos from Langdale camping trips 1974 onwards, and the Watersports holidays 1985 onwards. Courtesy of Keith Williams who has been trawling his archives.

03/01/03 Happy New Year! A document issued to students on the opening of the comprehensive Malton School has been scanned and added to the archive. It gives information on the new school.