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29/12/04 More reading of the 1941-45 Maltonians has filled in a few gaps in the Head Boy and Girl records.

23/12/04 Some tidying up revealed the names of a number of students in the 1958 photo album that we have in the archive. (Supplied by Howard Fox some time ago, but not all entered on the site. They are now. ) Reading the April 1941 Maltonian I was able to connect some names with photos in Mrs Williams' album, which she donated a couple of years ago. A picture of nurse Betty Wood has been on the site for some time, but I didn't know her connection with the school. Brief summaries of the Maltonians have been added to the site.

29/11/04 Derrick Searle was in touch a couple of weeks ago. His father William Henry Searle had recently died, and he had been sorting through belongings, and had found a number of items related to school. One was a rather fine, brightly coloured blazer, which I assume was an Old Maltonians Blazer rather than a school blazer - no-one seems to be wearing such things on early school pictures and the pocket badge says OMA. Derrick says his father left school aged 14 in 1919. He remembers him talking about an Irish French teacher, Miss Murphy - "Begorrah Miss Murphy we don't know whether you are speaking French or Irish!" He also thinks he was the first pupil to have a motorbike at school, and would take 3 or 4 boys at a time around on the bike. He feels safe in disclosing this dubiously unsafe practice now - there are no witnesses left.

22/11/04 Apologies, apologies. Where has the time gone? There is nothing worse than a site that does not change, and I have been neglecting this one. All kinds of reasons are involved - a very busy new term, and a number of initiatives that needed seeing through. I realise also that I have "been spending more time with my family". A few extremely enjoyable and relaxing holidays in Switzerland, Northumberland and Skye, together with visits to and by family members, and a number of home improvement tasks, have filled in some of the gaps where this website used to be written. However, I am determined to get back on top of the website and organise my time a little more efficiently. We are now formally a specialist Science college, and our building is complete. We do still have to put in the furniture and materials, so our anticipated opening is January 2005, and we hope to have a special event on 20 January 2005, including a visiting lecture on a Science topic. Roger Hollinrake wrote to me from Oxford in October. He has been researching his father's life. Horace Hollinrake was a pupil at Malton School in the 1920's, gained a BA and BMus from Cambridge, and emigrated to New Zealand where he became professor of Music at Auckland University. He died in July 1955 at the age of 51. Roger has sent two photographs of Horace at Selwyn College, Cambridge, in c.1925 Peter Carr popped in to see his old school back in September. I walked around with him one lunchtime, and he recalled many fond memories. How terrible my memory is - because writing this now I can remember little of what he told me, including which years he was at school, though I am fairly confident that it was the 60's. I am also fairly confident that he lives in New Zealand these days. If you are out there Peter, confirm please. Another reason for time consumption has been the annual celebration evening at school, now our sixth. Always enjoyable, but always a lot of work in preparation to ensure its success. I started a section of the website to record this annual event last year. This year's event is recorded in this section. It was a pleasure to welcome John Rolls, son of Bruce Rolls, and his wife Tess, to the evening as a special guest. John said a few words about his father before presenting two sports trophies which were commissioned in his memory last year. The history project has suffered in much the same way as the website. Not too much progress. However it is not forgotten and I remain determined to publish the book within the next year.

28/07/04 Sports results from the latest Sports Day (July 2004) have been added. I have retained previous winners - so if you hold a record, you can see if you are still the holder or whether you have been displaced. (Records exist from 1971 onwards). 15 records were broken this year. Eddie Lucas passed on his collection of a full set of bound Nainotlam's (6 volumes) some time ago this year. I have begun to produce a brief digest of each of these. Volume I and II are now available to you (1966-1968). An update on the Science building progress has been added - at the start of the summer vacation the builders began work on phase two - that is, the link across to the old building. Steelwork was erected on the first day after the end of term, and the old wall and stairs to the upstairs science labs were demolished. The staff database has been updated to account for the departures of some long-standing members of staff - Mr Keith Williams has been at the school since 1971, Mrs Ann-Margaret Hetherton since 1972, Mr Stewart Thorp since 1992 - and the imminent arrival of new staff. The next job is to try and get on with that book that has been making slower progress than desirable, but has not been forgotten.

26/07/04 Some Year 13 and and Year 11 photos have been added to the site, now that they have officially left. You will find them in the former students, 2000+ section.

15/7/04 Sorry for the long gap - but timetabling and computerised reports have sucked the time from under my feet. Kerry Rolls e-mailed a 1962 photo with names. More to follow when the holidays arrive - soon!

21/05/04 More pictures of the Science block - the main building is now finished, work continues on the inside. Also if you haven't been in Malton recently, at least around the school, you may be surprised by the changes just down the road from school on Middlecave Road. There is currently development of four very modern, architecturally unusual buildings being constructed by Sylvan homes. A few pictures of current progress are included on the site. Marion Lowe e-mailed to pose an interesting question - is she the first Maltonian to reach the North Pole? "...snow-shoed to the last degree, taking ten days to do approx 65 nautical miles." She notes a picture on the Family Fund website - , which I have copied to this site. Simon Crozier e-mailed and notes the passing of Connie Taylor - former member of staff and wife of Philip Taylor - this month. Our sympathies go to her daughters Rosemary and Gillian. I am sorry I know no other details, I did not spot the article or obituary in the press. Glynne Fletcher e-mailed from Australia - Queensland - Peregian Beach. Glynne was a student at MGS 1948-1955. Louise Taylor e-mailed from New Zealand on the latest stop in her world tour. She is about to move on to Fiji.



5/05/04 We are back on line at last after a week without access from the service provider. Our apologies (and theirs!). I have added a couple more photos of the progress on the science build - we have a roof of sorts on now. I popped over to the Green Man last Tuesday for a quick word with Colin Gaden at the Old Maltonians re-union. There seemed to be a good number there, but I could not stay due to teaching commitments. Hope you like the new entry page to the Malton websites, courtesy of Graham Magee - himself a former student of the school, but now our ICT technician. Any comments welcome. I shall be keeping the Maltonians section somewhat simple and plain looking - I assume what you really want out there is the messages and the pictures, rather than a super-quality example of web production.

27/04/04 Sorry if you have been trying to access the site unsuccessfully. Trouble with our service provider's server. I have added a link to an interesting site: The Unnetie Project is a searchable online archive of 10,000 digital images showing life in the rural and urban communities of North Yorkshire in the 19th and 20th centuries. Images have been included from the collections of several photographers including Bertram Unné and Louisa Kruckenberg. These collections are held by North Yorkshire County Council Libraries, Archives and Arts and the Dales Countryside Museum

20/04/04 Simon Crozier sent a copy of a postcard from 1989, of the Royal Helicopter on Malton School field. This reminded me that I had others somewhere in the archive, and I have dug them out and put them on the site. Also a couple of other pictures from the 1980's. Any information about any of these as always is welcome.

11/04/04 A couple more photos of the science build have been added. I have updated the "Around Malton" section (photos of familiar places around the town), and expanded a section on the school on Greengate. I am sure many of you out there attended that school - I would like to hear from you about the place, as I have been trying to piece together the history with the existing buildings. I have also added a few more pictures of around Malton.

2/04/04 Term ended with two nights of "80's Nights" - variety shows of music, dance, comedy, and fashion. As I was clearing up the stage on the Friday, a visitor from America arrived with her husband. Alison Ware was at the Grammar school in the 1960's, and was over visiting - trying to cram many things into a short visit. Hopefully she will remember the website - she hadn't seen it - and will respond to my request to e-mail a few more details about herself, and her sister Rosie, and their lives at Malton School and subsequently. She also promised a photo of mock blood-stained limbs, connected with Mrs Pay, Mr Pay and a staff v. school hockey match.

16/03/04 Mike Smith (1958-65, now at University of Warwick PE and Sport Department) sent a letter recently with a few more names for the 1958 Form 1 group. Mike is included in the list.

11/03/04 An interesting fax arrived last week from someone working on a listed building at Leeds University's Caedmon hall. They had found a copy of Yorkshire Post from 26 September 1911 - and this included an article about the opening of Malton Grammar School. They faxed us a copy. Also an e-mail from Peter Anderson who now lives in Wrelton, near Pickering. He provides the missing name for the 1958 Norton 11+ entry - it is Peter Anderson! Dave Evans has also been in touch - he provides names for the 1962 football team. He adds a couple of memories of Mr Lloyd's car.


School closed again due to snow - the second time in a month. Sitting here looking out of the window it doesn't look too bad, but it is difficult to judge these things when 700 people are involved travelling in. The A64 was blocked for a couple of hours this morning at Whitwell Hill due to lorries skidding. Have a look at the front of East Wing or on the buildings index It's not helping the builders with our new labs, but they have moved on site, and have been digging footings this week.

13/02/04 On the last day before half term, the builders move in to begin our new science laboratories. We hope to involve students with the work as it progresses, so we started with a brief turf cutting ceremony, with four or our younger students (Year 7) doing the honours. Pictures were taken - we hope to record the whole project over the coming year. Radio York called in during the week to interview the Head about Science College Status. They also interviewed me about the Maltonians website Some of you may have heard the broadcast - I didn't, as I was teaching during the afternoon.

30/01/04 Our bid for Science College status under the Specialist Schools scheme has been successful! We are of course all delighted, it could not have come at a better time. Builders are about to start (at half term) on the new Science block, with its four new laboratories. A little more about the bid can be found on the Science College area of the site.

17/01/04 Rosemary Thacker (Taylor) gave me a number of items relating to the Archbishop Holgate Society. I have now put these onto the site. They include photographs and prints relating to the Archbishop, and articles published on menus for the annual dinners, as well as research documents.

1/01/04 Happy New Year. Back in August Rosemary Taylor donated a set of slides taken by her mother and father - the main subjects are Sports Days in the 1960's and 1970's, and views of the Malton area. Plus the cast of The Birds (1962). A good selection of the slides is now on the site. Also three more photos from 1993 - Year 11 Girls Tennis team