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21/12/05 Another very busy term comes to an end with a Christmas Show, Senior Citizens Party and final assemblies in which items from the Show were reprised - including this year's mini pantomime, Aladdin. I have put the programme on the web. Last month we had the annual Celebration Evening - the 7th we have held. John Rolls once again came and was pleased to present the sports trophy which commemorates his father's contribution to sport in the school. The programme, including award winners and a review of the last year, is available on the web.

26/9/05 A complete photo album from 1971 - Malton Grammar School has been scanned in. I hope to work through a number of such albums we have in our archive - I have started a list in the archives section

21/09/05 Scanned in a pdf file of Miss Slipper's entry in the staff register, 1921. Also found an e-mail from Paul Hildreth which arrived back in July, but I did nothing with at the end of term. Now in the memories section - he would like to hear from anyone who remembers him. I have also placed the Year 11 and Year 13 group photos from the last couple of years on the site. I have put most names on - please don't take offence if I have temporarily forgotten yours. It's age.

19/09/05 A couple more updates to the exam results pages - graphs, press releases, and a couple of photos. I had an e-mail from some relatives of Miss Slipper, who taught PE at MGS back in the 1920's and 30's. She is is on the whole school photos of 1932 and 1934, and she is mentioned in Denise Barty's memories, and in Jean Evans'. Her arrival is noted in the April 1921 Maltonian. Does anyone have any other memories of Miss Slipper?

11/9/05 Despite my best intentions, very little work on this website or the book has been done over the summer holiday. Two weeks in Norway was one most enjoyable reason why, my mother suffering a serious stroke and consequent hospital visiting an unwelcome restriction on available time. I have updated the staff list to take note of the departures and arrivals - Suzanne Jarvis and Carole Wiseman have left, Miss Hickman, Miss Kay and Mr Cambata have arrived. Angela and John Williams called in on Friday 9 September. They left a few photographs for us. The exams results in summer were once again excellent - records broken at A level and GCSE, and some superb individual performances.

22/7/05 Last day of summer term. We finished with what has become a tradition - a talent show following final assembly. Michael Hickes wrote some time ago with a few memories of Mrs Williams and other staff. I have added the list of names to the 1932 whole school photo. It is interesting to note how many still occur in families still at school.

19/07/05 Sports day came and went last week. In extremely hot conditions, 11 new records were set. These are recorded along with who they displaced in the sports section as usual. Perhaps some of these record breakers will be at the Olympics in London 2012?

14/07/05 Nearly the end of term. John Stone, Mayor of Norton and avid postcard and photo collector, donated a 1932 whole school photo (Malton Grammar School). Unlike many such photos, it has names written on for almost everyone in the picture. The names will appear shortly.

22/3/05 A very early Easter. Chris Little e-mailed to correct my spelling of Hudleston in the Maltonians magazine section. By chance I borrowed Nigel Hudleston's book, A History of Malton and Norton, from Malton library last week. Very revealing - with regard to the grammar school, it looks as if this book is the source of much of what appears in the early section of The History of Malton School. It also has a number of photographs which I have seen elsewhere, including the early picture of Malton Grammar School, though it does not give the source.

24/2/05 With school closed for bad weather today (for the third year in a row in February) I have been sorting through a few items. I found some notes from Keith Richardson, sent in 2003, about his memories of Malton County Modern in the 1960's. They are now on the site. Also a few more photos of the final stages of the science building. 65 pictures from John Stone (Mayor of Norton) have now been added to the site. There are class groups, buildings and grounds from 1899 - 1940's in St Michaels Girls School, the Wesleyan School, MGS, Norton Schools and Old Malton School, plus one of the National School. Many thanks to John for the loan.

22/02/05 With a growing number of badges, plaques and shields photographed, I have re-vamped the badges pages to make them more accessible. A few more badges appear, plus the memorial plaque to Mr Watt. Some additional photos have been added to the buildings section (the library).

21/02/05 Though I did not know her, I was sorry to hear of the death of Rita Kay, former Deputy Head of Malton School in the 1970's. I believe she had been unwell for some time. Her funeral was on Monday 21/2/05

12/02/05 A little tidying on the badges page. Three new badges added. One is the old North Riding badge, which appeared on the sign at the front of Malton County Modern School, but it was not the school badge. I have added a picture of the MCM badge - but it is too small and indistinct to do it justice. I would love to hear from any former MCM pupils who could confirm the badge? The second addition is the new Specialist Science logo, and the third an old enamel pin badge worn by MGS prefects.

4/2/05 Half term. I checked in the archive to see if I could find the individual copies of the Maltonian from 1937 to 1941. This period is the only one which is missing from the bound collection of Maltonians we have in the archive. I was relieved to find all issues were present in the collection and in good condition - I shall now investigate having them bound in keeping with the others. The first issue, March 1937, has a number of pages of tributes to Ernest Loraine Watt, the first Head, who died in 1937. I have scanned them and included them in the memories section. Howard Fox sent me a number of pages on the history of education in Malton other than in the Grammar School. This is a contribution to the book project - slowed down but still in progress. These draft notes are available if you are interested as a Word file. , as indeed is the whole book in its embryonic state. Comments and corrections always welcome. In re-drafting these notes I have updated a number of facts about the National school, particularly the staff, which you can trace in the section devoted to this section of Malton's educational history.

22/01/05 Derrick Searle dropped in a 1956 OMA Reunion programme. The text has been added to the site, the programme to the archives.

20/1/05 Our new Science laboratories were formally opened tonight, by the Director of Education for North Yorkshire, Cynthia Welbourn. The evening incorporated the inaugural Annual Science Lecture, given by Dr Mike Diprose and Mr Mick Proctor. A report on the evening is on the site.

14/01/05 I was sorry to hear that Mrs Williams passed away just before Christmas. A service in her memory was held at St Michael's Church today, to remember this remarkable woman and her long and wonderful life. A few notes as best as I can remember of the service, are included on the site.

12/01/05 I am reading Fred Trueman's autobiography, As It Was, at the moment. He includes a tribute to former Malton pupil, Vic Wilson, who took on the captaincy of Yorkshire in 1960. The very complimentary extract is included in the Memories section.

10/01/05 We featured briefly on Radio 4's Word of Mouth programme at the weekend. They were doing an article about school mottoes, and the three belonging to Malton School came up. Vince malum bono (Overcome Evil With Good), Audi Alteram Partem (Hear the Other Side), and Unitate Fortiores (Stronger for Being One). The dates given were 1911, 1955 and 1971. See my notes under School Motto

3/01/05 Happy New Year to anyone reading this. Malcolm Keith Storey e-mailed from Australia. Though not a Maltonian, he remembers everyone in the 1958 Norton 11 plus photo. "My family left Norton in 1960 for Australia then New Zealand and finally back to Australia, so I have spent most of my life living overseas, I've been back to England on four occasions 1966, 1994, 2001, 2003 ". He would be very interested in contact from anyone who remembers him. Mike Dixon e-mailed also - a few memories are posted in the Memories section. Tim Lawes e-mailed with an update of his (and some of his schoolfriends) work for a charity in India. More details in the memories section