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19/09/06 Patsy (Layburn) and Arthur Firth visited this lunchtime, whilst they were on holiday in Harrogate. They walked around the school with me, the rooms triggering memories of staff, students and the buildings.  I rather liked the rule that Arthur mentioned that there was to be silence in the corridors - certainly not the case these days.  Was it then? 

18/9/06 Two weeks back at school and busier than ever.  The summer holidays were very enjoyable - so much so that virtually no work on this website took place.  So I still have to update the sports results, the exam results (which were excellent once again), photos, and staff changes.  I am determined to do this in the next week or so.
I have added some pictures of Holgate Hospital, Hemsworth, which I visited in August. 

5/06/06 A thoroughly enjoyable end of half term with Year 11.  The Y11 prom was excellent, and the final day was pleasant, entertaining, and just a little emotional.  A selection of photos will appear on this site in the near future.  For now, Year 11 students can get copies of the 200 photos taken on the final days: see Mr Fearnley who will put them on a CD for you - 50p each.

19/05/06 The inevitable gap as work and holidays overcame the urge to keep everyone up to date.  However three items to add.
First, I should note on this site that David Roberts, Head teacher of Malton School for the last 17 years, is to retire this summer.  His replacement has been appointed - Robert Williams, currently Deputy Head at Temple Moor School in Leeds. I will put more on the site about David later in the year.  A very definite end to another chapter of the school life.  Definitely an incentive to get that book finished and printed!
Secondly, I noticed theOld Grammar School in Old Malton is up for sale, and there is sales literature on the web. I have taken the liberty of putting it on this site for viewing - anyone out there with serious nostalgia and £450 000 to spare should get in touch with Stephen son's estate agents in Malton.
Thirdly, as the current Year 11 head rapidly towards their final formal day in school (25 May), I thought it was time to put their group photo on the site. Taken on 27 February 2006.





15/2/06 Scanned another Year 11 photo, this time Year 11 from 1998.  Still trying to fit all the names to faces.  The current year 11 are due to have their photos done on return from half term - 27 February. 

6/2/06 Sheila Lownsborough (Coverdale) e-mailed a photo of 1946 Form V.  Sorry it is a little small, but I have put it on the site at the resolution it was sent.

27/1/06    Billi Jo Steadman e-mailed to ask where the pictures of her Year 11 Prom (2005) are on the site.  The short answer is that they are not.  However, I will begin to put a few Prom pictures on from last year, and previous years, over the coming days.  I have made a start and put on a couple of photos from 2005.

26/1/06 Two more photographs of Year 11 added, from 1995 and 1996.  A number of names still need to be attributed.

24/1/06 Apologies as ever for the lack of updates.  Time!  I have put a copy of the 1997 Year 11 photo on the site.  I will work my way through the other Year 11 photos we have - starting in 1995.  They are on display in the East Wing corridor, so I need to unscrew them to scan.  Then comes the difficult part, matching names to those faces. 
I was very sad to read of Rachel Lamb's death from cancer in the local newspapers last week.  Rachel was just 30, and was married to James Bower, also a former student of the school. Their daughter Imogen is almost a year old. 
I gave a talk on the history of the school to the Friends of Malton Museum last week.  I promised them that I have not abandoned the book, and still intend to write it.  This year would be a good time, as another chapter in the school ends with the forthcoming retirement (in August) of David Roberts as Head, after 17 years in post. 
I had an e-mail from Walter Metcalfe's grandson, Colin Metcalf, last week.  Walter was Woodwork teacher at the grammar school in its early days, and used to travel from Whitby to teach here.  I was able to find his record in the staff register for 1911, the fourth entry in the book.  Colin now lives in Victoria, Australia.