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31/12/10 The end of another year already.  My apologies to anyone out there who keeps looking at this site, hoping for some new material.  There hasn't been much, and what contacts have come in have not been reported - partly due to time pressures, and partly due to the hopes for a new website.  Our main school site is due for a complete upgrade to something a little more efficient, slimmed down, easier to maintain and more useful.  At the same time I am hoping to use the same new software and navigation styles to overhaul this site.  however, things have taken a little longer than anticipated, and the company charged with creating the new site are still working on it. 
So, in the meantime, a couple of updates. Back in April I wrote about W H Brierley, the architect of the old Malton Grammar School (now East Wing).  I received a postcard from Caroline Seymour, Chair of North Yorkshire County Council, thanking us for an enjoyable visit to the school for our Celebration Evening.  The card had a picture of County Hall which deserves adding to the site - a picture of the Brierley Wing at County Hall.
A fellow woodturner at Snainton, Albert Kitchen, gave me a photo of his schooldays in Malton back in the 1950s (I think) . I am afraid I cannot remember some of the details, but the picture has been added to the site

25/7/10  Another term ends, and a possible chance to catch up with this website.
We had a professional photographer in to take some photos for our new prospectus recently. The prospectus will appear on the web in September, but amongst the many pictures of students that he took, he also captured a handful of photos of the east wing arches, which I thought might stir a few memories for former students. If so, do share them with us.
Alongside the new prospectus will come a new website design. This will cover the main site and this Maltonian one. It will look smarter, be easier to navigate and hopefully be easier to maintain. It will give me an opportunity to fix all the broken links and bring a little more order to this collection of items from the past.
Malton School had a stall at Malton Show this year, which in recent years has been held at Scampston Park, and on a Sunday. In former days it used to be at Showfield Lane and on a schoolday, which presented us with problems regarding school opening and attendance.  Our tent included a display of archive materials, and a number of former students of all ages called in and had a word with us. One visitor was Mr Stephen Till, a farmer at Welburn. Though not a former student himself, his great aunt, father and aunt all went to the school, his great aunt Mary Till being a Head girl back in the early days of the school. He tells me that in clearing out his aunt's house, he has come across lots of photographs related to school days, and he would like to donate them to the school archive. He is currently sorting, cataloguing and making notes about the family history, before hopefully passing them on around September time. 
The Sports Hall is making good progress. This is a facility for the school and for the local community, which is currently emerging on the Broughton Road side of the playing fields. Some pictures of progress have been added.

21/5/10 Head of Geography Rob Cook found a set of photographs in his store cupboard this week.  They were good quality 7 x 5 mainly black and white prints of a geography trip to Malham back in July 1977.  John Dunstan has provided a few more details. 

8/5/10 The annual MGS re-union took place as always on the last Tuesday of April (27th), organised by Colin Gaden at the Old Lodge in Malton.  Unfortunately I was unable to attend this year, as we had interviews for Science teachers all day.  Kitty Grove-Stephenson (Kitty Thackray) did attend, and wrote to me subsequently, kindly enclosing a DVD with clips from BBC4 and Tyne Tees about the Yorkshire Film Archive and the footage they hold of the wartime evacuees. I have put a few notes and some of Kitty's memories of the time on the page already on the site about the films.  I am not sure I can put the clips Kitty sent on this site, due to copyright, but you can see them at the Yorkshire Film Archive site as mentioned

7/5/10 More information on the houses. Following an enquiry from Ian Willis (1983-7) about the colours of the houses in his day, some detective work has led to the belief that they were Byland, Kirkham, Rievaulx, and Rosedale (as remembered by Carol Peters).  Simon Crozier has also been in touch to remind me that in the early days of the comprehensive school (1971-) the houses were Mitre, Eagle, Castle and Rose, which poses new questions as to the relevant colours for these, and when and why they changed to the four Yorkshire Abbeys. They changed again to Derwent Rye and Seven, presumably in response to lower numbers. Anyone out there know when and why for any of these changes, and the missing colours?  Ian Willis left before my time so I do not know him personally. He tells me that he now works for the NHS with a £4m annual budget, having gone on after school to gain degree and post-grad qualifications.  He is one of four Willis brothers who were at the school from 1979 to 1990.
For no particular reason I have also put a collection of photos from 2000 on the site - Year 7 students with their choice of reading book.

24/4/10 My thanks to Pat Gorringe who e-mailed in response to my request for more details on the early school houses. She provided me with the colours for Fitzwilliam, Holgate, Carlisle and Willoughby. Hence the House page is  now a little more colourful. 
Work at school has been a little unusual this week, with eight teachers and two clerical staff unable to report for duty due to an erupting volcano in Iceland spouting volcanic ash into the atmosphere. The consequent grounding of all flights in European air space left our staff, including the Headteacher, Mr Williams, stranded abroad.  As I write four have managed to make it back, but others are still waiting for flights or rescue ferry crossings. 

08/04/10  I visited Sion Hill Hall, near Thirsk, on Bank Holiday Monday this week. I mention this because it turns out that the Hall was designed by the same architect as designed Malton Grammar School, Walter H Brierley. (I realise that I have mis-spelt Brierley as Brierly in my History of Malton School book.) One particular feature I noticed was the drainpipe to the rear - identical in design to the one at the rear of our school, though three years later in date. 
A little research on Walter Brierley reveals he was the architect of a number of schools in York, and of County Hall in Northallerton.
(For those interested in visiting Sion Hill Hall, it is now by appointment only - visit their website at for details.)

15/3/10 We have in our possession a silver cup engraved with the title "Derwent Chess Club 1902".  A picture and what few details I can surmise have been added to the site, in the trophies section.  We are hoping to run a chess competition in the next few weeks, and present the cup to the winner. To this end we have decide to spend some of the Friends of Malton School money donated since Christmas on purchasing chess clocks.  These cost £25 each - if you would like to help us, please donate to the Friends funds.  We have received just over £400 so far this year - I would very much like to see the figure exceed the £1000 we achieved last year. 
Diana Kirkhope has been in touch via e-mail. She has been researching her ancestors, and has found that John Stockdale, a schoolmaster in the 1700's, is a relative.  The sources I used in compiling my History of Malton School have him as schoolmaster at MGS 1707-1721, and being born blind. Diana has forwarded me a copy of his will, and her interest has extended to looking at documents in the Borthwick Institute, York.  We are about to share the cost of getting all the Borthwick documents related to the School scanned - hopefully so they will be available on this site.  Friends of Malton School funds will match the £50 donated by Diana for this purpose.  Once again - if you can help with Friends, please get in touch.

15/2/10    More sorting out. I have updated the Malton School staff list (1971-present), hopefully no one is now missing, and no-one is still listed as working with us who left some time ago!  Also I have put on an interesting pair of "joiner" photos of East Wing and West Wing, created by art student Jamie Mills in 2007, and presented to retiring governor Brian Hodgson that year. I am afraid we slipped up in not securing copies for ourselves to retain in school.
Also I have been updating links in the former students' photos pages, adding some end of year 13 Leavers' Dinners.

12/02/10    I have added a book to the small but invaluable Maltonians archive library: England's Schools, published by English Heritage in 2010. It gives a picture of the development of schools over the years. Sadly Malton School does not feature, though I was interested to find my own old school,Central High School, in Leeds, is in the book, albeit no longer in existence as a school. 

08/2/10 For about the last 10 years we have usually produced an A3 poster to advertise key events, or to celebrate them after they have happened. So concerts, leavers parties, sponsored walks - all would fall under this category.  I have started to convert these posters for website use, and make them available in the documents area of this site. For the time being the link is through Posters, though this exercise has made me realise I need to improve navigation to a number of areas.

06/02/10    I was sorry to hear that Tim Tate-Smith passed away on Saturday. He had been ill in hospital in recent weeks. Tim was a student at the school back in the 1940s, and remained a strong supporter of the school throughout his life, attending the annual Green Man Reunion until ill health made this difficult. . He also remained commited to working with young people, through the Scout movement and the Rotary Club, helping organise the Youth Leaders' Award which some of our students benefitted from.  A memorial service will be held on Monday 8th February at St Peter's, Norton, 12.00 noon.  Refreshments at Sundella House, Castlegate, will follow.  A couple of memories: Tim in Comedy of Errors 1947  Green Man Reunion 1999.  Also a tribute in the Ryedale Mercury from 3 February 2010.

27/01/10 A little more on the House Competition over the years. I have included a picture of an old House Shield on the site, which covers the house competition from 1912-1931. For Malton Grammar School, this leaves a gap in winners from 1932-1939. These are possibly listed in the Maltonian magazines of the day. More research one day!

25/01/10 Last Easter former Malton School teacher Elizabeth Shields came to our Night on Broadway concert. She was kind enough to donate a copy of her book, A Year to Remember 1986-7, which tells the story of how she won a Ryedale by-election for the Liberals, and spent a year as an MP.  Some photos from the book have been scanned and put on the site.
John Holden e-mailed with some memories of his time at school (1980s), and a request to update his contact details. I have done this, but readers should generally be aware that the contacts list is hopelessly out of date - compiled often over 10 years ago, and e-mail addresses change, as do physical ones.  I am considering removing the page from the site - particularly as it may provide fodder for SPAMmers.

21/01/10 I sent out newsletters at the beginning of term, and included a Friends newsletter. I have now created a web page to store all items related to Friends. If you can find it within your means to support, please make a donation - details on the new Friends page.

19/01/10 I have been looking at the house competition over the years, prompted by a silver trophy we have in the archive, which has the Malton Grammar School house competition winners from 1939-1970 engraved on it.  There have been various house systems over the years - I would be very interested if readers can tell me more: when were the changes made, what colours were the old houses.  Please get in touch if you can help fill in the details.

18/01/10 Some time ago John Dunstan passed on various items he had found belonging to Gillian Guildford, who died in 2008 aged only 47. One of these is a collection of "Link" newsletters from 1977. I have begun to put scanned copies of these on the site.
Also some time ago, former pupils met for their Annual Reunion last April, at the Old Lodge in Malton, and I have neglected to put the photographs of the reunion I took on this website. Apologies. They are now available. 

13/01/10 A newsletter has been written describing the activities we have been able to fund through Friends of Malton School donations in the last year.  Many of these have already been mentioned on this website, but the newsletter brings the various stories together. Please have a read. The newsletter sent out last year is also available.
If you would like to consider becoming a Friend of Malton School, please fill in the form available, or contact the school, or e-mail myself Steve Fearnley

08/01/10 I have added the programme for the Christmas concert this year, and the programme for Celebration Evening, which includes a review of the 2008-9 year, and an updated list of all the special award winners.

07/01/10 At the end of last summer, an aerial photographer (The Flying Picture Company from Bingley) flew over the school and snapped a picture. The last one we had done was 12 years ago. The changes you can see include the new science block, improved paths, and a walled garden for one of the houses in between the two wings. Having scanned this picture, I also scanned the other views taken back in 1998, so there are six new aerial pictures to view.