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A few more copies of the Maltonian added to the digest - look in Archives. 1921, 1939, 1957 have been added. Additional staff have been put in the Staff Roll Call.

The end of term has finally arrived, allowing me a chance to update this site. It has been a difficult term in many ways, with a number of staff absent over a period of time, for a variety of reasons.
It was my pleasure to show two former pupils around the school on Friday 17 December - Simon Crozier and Kevin Arbuthnot who left in 1973 visited for an hour, had lunch, met a few teachers who still remain from those days, and I think thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Kevin even found a page in an old magazine referring to his dislocated finger - when he was known as "Sparky".
Former Modern School secretary Joan Grice visited last week, and brought some photos of the Modern School in its very early days - as it was being built. I hope to scan some of these pictures in the near future and add to the site.
The Library and ICT Appeal continues - we have passed £90000, thanks to the generosity of local businesses. pupils, parents, and Maltonians: thank you to all who have sent cheques this year. We still need £12000 to reach our target.
The Library is almost finished - shelving is about to be installed, as is carpeting and an issue desk. Maltonians will have their own section where it is hoped you can come and browse through the school archives and remember your days at school. We hope to formally open on 16 February, and all Maltonians will be warmly welcome. We intend to call the library the Alma Collier Library, in memory of a former pupil whose £18000 bequest started the whole Appeal and made the library a real possibility.
I hope to update the site over the Christmas holiday. Apologies for the hit-counter no longer functioning: for some reason Dialnet (our ISP) have discontinued the service.

Yet another break in transmission for which I apologise. We have been very busy at school with a special Celebrations evening, at which we reviewed the previous school year, and presented some specially commissioned enamel school badges to students who had performed well in the year. We also presented a very special trophy - the Davina Kirk Memorial Trophy - to the student with the most commendations in the year. Mrs Olive Kirk was present to present the trophy, commemorating her daughter who was a lively and very active member of the old grammar school.
Our Maltonians library edges closer to completion - new doors and windows are being fitted this week, the decorators move in next week.
I have added a few more Maltonians to the database. Also some memories of the Malton Senior School in 1956 from George Brewer.
My site visitor counter still refuses to work properly, and Dialnet, the site provider, doesn't seem to want to fix it. Consequently I don't know whether anyone is still watching out there!

Five more former pupils added to the database - now approaching 200. I have updated the maps as well (I think I have everyone on now). The Appeal pages have been updated (under Plans for the future). Work continues to progress on our Maltonians library, and thankfully donations continue to come in. Students completed a sponsored walk last week, and we are busy collecting in sponsor money to try and edge nearer to our Appeal target. Should any of you Maltonians out there wish to contribute ... please get in touch, or just send money!

I must apologise for a lack of updating to the website: I am afraid it has had to take a lower priority than some of the urgent issues facing me at my real job, and may do for a little while longer.
There have been a number of new forms received. An interesting phone call from George Brewer (1957 pupil), a few letters, , e-mails, and some old archives found.
There was a 1989 reunion in the school hall on Saturday night 2 October. I popped in for half an hour and took a few pictures. More to follow. A very impressive decor, with buffet, drinks and disco. Hope everyone enjoyed it.
I will try and get everything up to date in the next two weeks. Please keep faith with the site - it will not remain static.

Back to school. I enjoyed the summer holiday. I returned to our best A-level results we have ever had, and GCSE results to match.
A number of Maltonians forms were waiting for me on return, as was a former pupil - Ken Brown - who visited us on spec during a visit to Malton. Ken was here in the 1930's, and has been a journalist for most of his working life. The former pupils database has been duly updated with about 15 new additions. There are also some new photos in the 1990's section.
I have started an additional website at The site is for all the schools in the Malton and Norton area - so if you have any memories of primary school, or of Norton School before joining the Malton Sixth Form, I would be interested to hear from you.

Apologies for no update last week: the school timetable took over everything.
Some new photos, with names, are in the 1950's and 1970's former pupils pages. Names added to the reunion page. A few more people added to the database. Some memories from Michael Willis on the memories page, and a couple of nicknames. I met some former pupils at our open evening on 8 July, which resulted in a few more names being added to faces.

A letter from Tina Kelly arrived, saying that her "class of '74" reunion at the Green Man went well, with fifty seven former pupils turning up.
8 new database forms have arrived, including one from Brunei. Val Ashcroft (now Lange) sent some pictures (see 1950's section) and a programme from the opening of the County Modern School in 1959.
Howard Fox and John Rolls (left in 1959) visited last week, and were good enough to put some names to photos from 1958 .

A school prospectus from the 1930's has been added to the Archives pages.
Karen Fisher and Jason Langley visited school - they are organising a school reunion for those who left ten years ago in 1989 (that is, they were in the fifth year in 1989). The date is to be Saturday 2 October 1999, and the venue is the school hall. Invites are on their way.

Only one addition to the database. A 1947 panoramic photo of the school has been added; a 1971 basketball team, and the History of Malton School booklet is now available in its entirety.
I need help with some information about Houses. I understand there have been different systems over the years, some with four houses, some with three. We are considering changing our system again. What were the houses called when you were at school? Was anyone at school when house names/systems changed - how did pupils react? How were house teams selected - over what spread of year groups? e-mails welcome

Six more additions to the database. I have scanned in a panoramic photo of the whole school in 1926.
Peter Smailes, a pupil 1947-53, called in to see us on Thursday 10/6/99. He was visiting from Adelaide, where he lectures in Geography, and has lived for 30 years. He is doing some research on the viability of small rural schools - an even bigger in sparsely populated areas of Australia.

Only one addition to the database. Time to follow up a few contact addresses from respondents!
A very pleasant evening at the opening of the new Art studios on 27 May 1999. Some former pupils attended, and former staff. I managed to capture a picture of Mrs Dolly Thackray (former pupil and teacher) with Mrs Eleanor Williams (former member staff, and widow of headmaster TAW). Thanks to those who attended, and those who helped organise.
Mrs Jean Appleton (nee Armstrong) who was at school in 1928-35 called in during the week, to make a donation to the Appeal. A very pleasant chat and a look around the old school. She tells me that one of our new Art studios used to be the main dining room for the school, as well as the domestic science room. Mrs Appleton became a teacher herself, and taught in Hull.
I'm afraid final pages in the History of Malton School will have to wait - I thought I had scanned them, but a number do not appear complete.
I have scanned in a panoramic photo of the whole school, 1954
I hope readers will not be able to tell, but I have been reorganising my file structure - if you do find a page or photo does not load, then please let me know.

8 new additions to the database.
Betty Graham (nee Johnson), who was at school 1943-50, called in to school whilst visiting the country from Canada, where she has lived for many years. She brought some photographs, including a 1947 panoramic, which she kindly left with me. I have scanned two; the panoramics do cause problems for the scanner, as they are so long, but I am working on a system of patching three or four scans together to make one photo. Also 2 photos sent by Margaret Clarkson (now Paulin), one of the guides group in the forties.
Watch for press coverage in the Gazette and Mercury of a £5000 donation from Fitzwilliam Charitable trust, towards our Library and ICT Appeal Fund. We have currently reached £75000, towards our target of £102000, and the fundraising goes on. If anyone out there would like to help - please contact me.
The first stage of our project was to create two new Art studios - the formal opening of these will be on Thursday evening 27 May, when there will be an exhibition of students Art work. All welcome. It is hoped to set up a Virtual Art gallery on our website for those who are unable to attend.
Another section of A History of Malton Grammar School is now available (1937-1951).




6 new additions to the database.
The next 12 pages of A History of Malton Grammar School are now available (1920-1937).
Jill Swailes visited school on 14/5/99, and brought a few snaps of 1975. She had travelled up from Plymouth for a reunion which sounded as if it would have a good turnout. I look forward to some news about this meeting.

5 new additions to the database.
I have started to scan the booklet A History of Malton Grammar School, which covers the early history of the school, up to the late 1950's. It was written in 1965. The first 25 pages are now scanned in - the rest to follow.
I found an interesting 1964 aerial photo of the East Wing - a little dusty but still clear. Have a look at the Photos - buildings page.

7 new additions to the database.
I attended a reunion at the Green Man on Tuesday, 27 April. Have a look at the Reunion page for a brief report and some pictures.
Gerald Sykes e-mailed a correction and further information on nicknames. Some questions: can anyone remember their timetable? I would be interested to know how many lessons per day, when school started and when it finished, when was the dinner break, were there other breaks? Currently we run 8.55 - 15.50, with lunch 12.30 - 1.45. There is a break 11.15-11.30. All lessons are 1 hour long, and we operated a two-week timetable (50 lessons per fortnight). How does this compare with your days?

8 new additions to the database, plus one amendment; one from Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.
I have started to add more former pupil photographs, including some sent by Maltonians - thank you. In anticipation of the collection growing I am putting them into decades, and as this involves some re-structuring of files, my apologies if some pictures do not appear in the right places - I haven't yet had time to check all pages affected.

Back to school this week after the Easter break. The scanner is repaired, so there are more photos on the site - look at Photos: Former pupils for a very early group, As You Like It 1959, School Orchestra of the 60's(?), and a Duke of Edinburgh Award Group, 1985?. Also a staff photo from 1958.
9 more responses, from the 40's, 60's, 70's, and 80's, have been added to the former pupils' database.
The Library and ICT Appeal has passed £71000 at the time of writing. Thank you to former pupils and staff who have contributed.
The latest school newsletter is available on the main school website.

4 more responses this week.
I have updated some staff details and added one or two names - having found some official records at school.
Still no scanner - despite chasing up with the firm, we still await a replacement. A somewhat stratched photo of a Duke of Edinburgh Award group in 1985-6 has come into my possession recently.
I have re-done the contacts map with a simpler, less cluttered version.
Easter holidays are here for the next two weeks, so there is unlikely to be much change to the site until we return.
The Library and ICT appeal had a good week - we have now raised £19000 since our launch on 8 Feb, taking our total so far to £69000

14 more responses. The net is spreading more widely now, as people contact friends and ask them to contact me. Hence details from Orkney and South Africa are included this week, as well as from Berks, Bucks, Herts, Kent, Leicester, Somerset and Surrey. I have spent quite some time trying to organise my system of filing returns, and recording who has received what. I hold out high hopes for a new school computerised administration system which I saw demonstrated last week, which should store all this information in a sensible and usable form, as well as that for all the current pupils.
The school's scanner has still not been replaced after starting to smoke a couple of weeks ago, hence my hopes to put more photographs on the website are being hindered. As wonderful as technology is, scanners and printers do seem to be unreliable.
The UK contacts map is beginning to get congested - a larger scale may be necessary.
I have added a nicknames page, in response to one suggestion and a number of you sending these in your communications - I presume all are terms of endearment and hope that none will cause any offence. I would welcome additions, and explanations where the names are not obvious.
Easter holidays beckon, with associated problems of how to spend my time. Keeping up with this project hasn't been too bad while the weather has been poor, and the days short, but with spring on its way and lighter nights, the garden will increasingly pull against my sitting in front of a computer, and past experience suggests it usually wins. (I love gardening. As a little self indulgence I have put just a few garden photos on the "About the site manager" page.) My wife keeps mentioning decorating, and a small matter of marking exam coursework also lurks in the "holiday" shade.

7/3/99 - 14/3/99
A strange week, what with the floods in Malton and school being closed for two days. (Flood pictures are on the main school site.) Contacts have now reached 101 - another 10 this week I think, many from further afield. Simon Crozier e-mailed a 1969 photo of 2b - look on the photos page. Some more memories arrived. A number of e-mails arrived.
I found a staff register for 1911-34, so have updated staff records where appropriate. It is not clear why the register stopped at 1934. Staff salaries used to be £120 - £200 in those days.
Two more Maltonian magazines have been summarised.
I spent Saturday on a Maths revision weekend with our Sixth Form, and the sun beckoned me into the garden on Sunday, so little else has been updated.

28/2/99 - 7/3/99
On Monday evening I was invited to tea with two former pupils and a former member of staff. The pupils were Ann Bell, currently a secretary at school, and Margaret Davison (nee Metcalfe), now a school governor.
The member of staff was Mrs Eleanor Williams, French teacher over many years and wife of Headmaster Mr Williams. Mrs Williams brought along a collection of photos and memorabilia. Unfortunately time ran out as a governors' meeting called, but I hope to visit Mrs Williams again and hopefully scan some of her materials for this site.

Some interesting letters and e-mails have arrived, in particular one from Pamela (Bennett) Ginger, who was here in 1929-36, and lived in the house next to the school. She also sent me some photos, which will appear when the scanner is fixed.

Thirteen new forms have arrived.

The assembly photo mentioned below has been scanned - look on the Photos (pupils) page.

Details of a 1970-5 re-union on 14 May - see Re-unions page for details

As this site is very much continuously changing and developing, it seems sensible to do a periodic update to keep visitors informed of what has changed or been added to the data.

I tend to collect forms and material during the week, and add it to the site at the weekend - ordinary schoolwork tends to take up the weekdays (and some of the weekends as well!)

The last week has seen 20 forms returned, and three e-mail responses.
I found three bound volumes of Nainotlam in the school library.
Jean Magson, one of our school cleaners in East Wing, is busy delivering and collecting forms for people to fill in and return. She also brought in a Gazette and Herald photograph of what we think could be the final assembly in Malton County Modern School. Mr and Mrs Hanson are stood with secretary Joan Grice, amidst the schoolchildren in the school hall. The photograph will be scanned and put on the site - but unfortunately the scanner has ceased to function at present.

David Lloyd, who taught at the school 1958-63, and who now lives in Ludlow, Shropshire, visited the school on Friday 26 February. He had heard something of what we are doing, and still has very fond memories of his days here. I had an interesting conversation with him, showed him the website and took a digital photograph for the archives. He is very happy for the History of Malton Grammar School to appear on the site - I intend to scan it in when time permits.

Newsletters have been sent to all those who have returned forms: electronically where e-mail addresses have been given, by "snail-mail" otherwise. They also appear on the school website eventually.

Data forms have been sent to everyone mentioned by respondents in the "Are you still in contact with any schoolfriends..." section of the database form, in the hope that they will join in the project and respond themselves. (I am not publishing names without forms, to protect people's right to confidentiality.)