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I found a number of boxes of old silver cups and other trophies in my time at Malton School. Sadly many were no longer usable, bearing Malton Grammar School engravings, and purposes no longer relevant. A few had no engraving on the main body, so with a new base these were re-employed as current trophies. Two shields from 1976 awarded in Dave Pay's name were re-painted and given a new purpose, with Val Pay's agreement.

And then there are a few of my own productions. Inspired by Tracey Robinson's wonderful Davina Kirk trophy, I made a number of trophies, both perpetual and for individuals, over the last ten years or so of my time at school. I became so interested in creating trophies and plaques that on retirement I set up a small business doing this - you can see more of the results on my website at . I continue to provide about 50 trophies each year for Malton School's annual celebration evening.