The Maltonian Web


Staff, students and historical figures

This page provides an index to some of the material that does not quite fit elsewhere, about people with some connection to the school.


This section includes emails and letters from former students and staff, recalling some aspect of their time at school, and sometimes telling a little of their lives since leaving.


This section presents biographical notes on the lives of former staff, students and others connected with the school. They are often provided by relatives, for which many thanks. Some are taken from The Maltonian magazine



This section includes tributes to staff and students, sometimes in the form of an obituary, sometimes simply a thank you for what they did in their school lives.


This section records in words and photographs the visits that former staff and students have made to the school. When I still worked there, I would often be able to take them on a tour of the school, re-kindling memories. Sometimes I arranged for students to do this if I was otherwise engaged. I am sure that arrangements can still be made if anyone wishes to visit the school. You will find much has changed, and yet some things have stayed the same.


A collection of photographs and brief details of some of the reunions that have taken place over the years, gathering together old friends and allowing time for reminiscence.

War Service

Two lists from The Maltonian - a Roll of Honour listing those who died in World War I and World War II, and Pro Rege Patria-Que, a list of those who served in the First World War.

In 2018 John Howard sent me a list from the Malton War Memorial Restoration Committee, with details of Malton people who are commemorated or should be commemorated on the war memorial. This includes details such as can be found of the men and women involved in World War I or II.