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Eleanor Orr - later Mrs Williams


Eleanor Orr

Notes following Mrs Williams' funeral service, at St Michael's Church, Malton, on Friday 14 February 2005.  As much as I can remember from what the vicar said at the service. I hope what I have remembered is correct. 

Eleanor Nancy Hyde Williams 1908 -2004

Eleanor Orr was born in Ireland, and educated at a convent school.  She went on to study languages at Manchester University and the Sorbonne. A first teaching position in a private school in Eastbourne was followed by a move to Malton Grammar School in 1935.  [Mrs Williams remembered her journey up here in an interview she gave to Sixth formers in 2002].  She married Thomas Williams, "TAW", and had two children - John was born in 1943, and Angela in 1946.  Mr Williams had a daughter from his previous marriage who was called Eleanor, but became known as Peggy.  All three were in church for the service, along with her grandson.  [Sadly Peggy died not long after this service]

The vicar spoke of a women who loved nature and took joy in her surroundings.  One of her great joys was a trip to see the wild daffodils at Farndale.  Another was to visit the coast at Filey and Whitby.  And closer to home her love of gardening remained with her throughout her life, still planting pots with primulas and pansies last year.  Growing vegetables was a great pleasure.  And watching for signs of the first snowdrops was a Christmas occupation over many years - sadly she was to miss the first blooms this year. 

In later years she gave her support to the local blind group - or the In Touch Club as it is known - and the retiring collection after the service was in aid of this group.