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Biographical notes

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Reverend John Purvis was vicar of Old Malton 1941-5. He collected many old documents relating to the history of the Old Grammar School, which I have scanned and summarised on the site. Brief biographical notes from Leeds University are available

Penny Bassey, grand-daughter of Thomas Arthur Williams, sent some family history notes in November 2007.  I have included them here.

Michael Hickes wrote on hearing of Mrs Williams death. He has many memories of her and other staff at the school

PIP - Philip Taylor was headmaster at Malton Grammar School 1951-1971. Memories of him from his daughters

Mrs Williams died in December 2004, aged 96.  A few notes from her funeral service are included.

Fred Trueman's autobiography includes a number of references to Vic Wilson. That noting Vic's appointment as captain of Yorkshire County Cricket Club is on the site.

Elizabeth Hanson had a talk with her father, Head of Malton County Modern School, about his memories of school days in Malton, in 2002 when her father was in his 90's.  Her notes are included here.