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The Maltonian Web Gallery - Centenary evening

In 2011, to mark the centenary of Malton Grammar School opening at the Middlecave Road site, and the 40th anniversary of the opening of Malton County Modern. we invited former students and staff to celebrate with us. Over 100 guests turned up, for a mixture of formal presentation by the Head Boy and Girl, music from the 10 decades that the school had been in existence, a display of archives and photographs, tours of the old school, and of course conversations with old friends. I have managed to put names to some because I could read their name badges on a blow-up of the photo. Others I would be grateful for information.

A programme from the evening is available, and a transcript of the presentation. Sadly I cannot find the powerpoint slides that accompanied this. There are some interviews with guests conducted by Sixth Form presidents Harry Francis and Aya Abrahams, which I will try and get into a suitable format for the internet.