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Jo Eggerton Rance (Joan Kelly) emailed on 2 January 2016 in response to my posting some late 1960s photos.

I was Joan Kelly (Jo) and I was at the school between either 1964 and 1969 or 1965 and 1970. My sister, Judith Kelly came to the school two years behind me.
It is my pen-line drawing, which I was chuffed to read as 'excellent', from the school magazine. It was done in Art with Mr Makins ('Mucky Mack') of Janet Elliot who was in my class.
I have names also for the 1969 orchestra. The girl with the dark socks, front row is Judith Kelly (my sister) and it me sitting to her left. Middle back (the girl with the trumpet) is Rita Ward - also in my class. Opposite end to Judith (girl with glasses and holding flute) is Audrey Bayes - also in my class. The boy in the middle behind the girls with flutes is Stuart/ Stewart Hartley ('Jammy'). The dark-haired boy with the trumpet at the back behind the girl with the dark shirt is, I think, Simon Featherstone.
The play photo (St Patrick's Day 1969) has me as the maid in the front row. Directly anbove me is Paul Gorford. To his left, above my left shoulder, is 'Jammy' Hartley and tucked behind Jammy (leftish) is Peter Bogue - also in my class.
I left Malton Grammer after Lower Sixth, Pip Taylor awarded me the Kirk Cup for enterprise - I did a lot of fundraising (often with my sister, Judith) and I handled the Dr Barnados collection boxes). Sadly we had to move to Richmond, Yorks to be near where my Mum had a new job. Richmond High School for Girls was nowhere near as good as Malton Grammar. I actually enjoyed my schooling there overall - the school ethos under Pip was amazing - he had such a great compassion for his students - his office door was always open to students who wanted to talk.
I also loved Mr Pay who was a kind listening ear to me and my sister as we had no father at home to talk to (divorced parents). Ducky Wellard was another favourite - I loved discussions in his lessons. Oh - liked Mr Read too - he encouraged my sister and I in our bone collecting.



Mike (Crispey) Smith emailed on 22/5/15 in response to Brian Newcombe (below).
I well remember that Ingleborough trip -I spent most of my working life leading/instructing in British and Alpine mountains and now cringe at our antics that day!! But we were young and fit and the weather was kind . I can also vividly remember another (earlier??) school trip to The Lake District-we were eventually taken by the prefects as Mrs Lloyd was due to give birth that week !! Still we all survived again even though we had to get from hostel to hostel over the fells .Pretty soon a small group of us (Roy Hull was definitely one ) were off to Snowdonia on our own ,ticking off the highest peaks and Merv Thompson and I also hitched over to the Lakes and had an epic trip one Easter -rain/mist and even snow as we went from hostel to hostel for a week !!.
Such outings inspired a lifetime of mountaineering and skiing which led me from The Dales /Lakes to Scotland in winter ,The Alps and The Rockies. All good fun kick started by MGS outings. Likewise I can remember the hard time we gave Mr Lloyd when he was as student teacher -I still feel ashamed of our antics!!And the class sizes -and yet we still managed to learn and progress.

Brian Newcombe emailed on 17/5/15 with some information about the 1958 Form I (Form II?) photograph in the gallery. He also offered a few memories:
"When we moved up to Form II we were joined by, I think, eight 13+  pupils - bad enough at 38.  Unfortunately (for the staff) four other pupils transferred in to the area from Grammar Schools elsewhere, Robert(?) Laycock, Roger Waddigton, David (Isaac) Newton and John Hanson (who's father was the new Head at the Modern School).  David LLoyd, to whom we'd given a hard time as a student teacher the year before, must have wondered what the hell he'd let himself in for when he returned as a permanent member of staff to find himself assigned to us lot as Form Teacher.  Needless to say we rubbed our hands with great anticipation!  Wrong!  I don't know where he'd been in the meantime, but he'd learned a lot about pupil management since his woeful attempt to teach us arithmetic the previous year.  He was our Form Tutor again in Form V, a really enthusistic guy - after our GCE exams he took the whole class, on his own ( whither Health and Safety?) up Ingleborough.  I don't think any of us even had walking boots.  I wonder if the sluice gate handle that ?? (name withheld to protect the guilty) chucked into Clapham Lake on the way back down from Gaing Ghyll is still underwater?"

I don't know if this was the biggest ever class at MGS (and a great bunch of kids) but the next year common sense prevailed and they divided us into two classes, Form III and IIIB I think.  This probably coincided with the introduction of two form enry to the school.

Howard Campion emailed on 1/5/15 following the annual MGS reunion, which he now organises. Abbreviated notes from his email:

April: it was a successful event with representations from wide ranging places [e.g. Isle of Wight, Buckinghamshire, Herefordshire and even Barton-on-Humber!]. There were thirty five of us and a list is appended, the meal and service were of a high standard.

The Malton Estate have produced a very interesting booklet on the commercial and social history of the area. I bought one when it was first published and it cost me £5. However, the school has been given a box full of excess copies, and they are free to anyone with connections. If you are in Malton, call in reception at West Wing and ask for Gill Harrison who will provide you with a copy at 'Malton's Popular Price' [£0)

Unfortunately there is sad news,and the following ex-pupils are not with us any longer:

Peter Allen [37-44, formerly  Head Teacher of a Deaf School in Manchester], Marcus Mason [47-54], Patricia Lund [ 1940s she came from a farming family in Broughton and had been a Medical Researcher], Norman Race [42-47], Sheila Coverdale [42-7], Doris Boyes [36-40, died a couple of years ago], Arthur Firth [51-8], Barbara Nicholls [37-44, ex Head Girl and Head Teacher at Helmsley], Ron.Waites [42-7], and Elizabeth Richardson [41-6]. Many of you will also remember Miss Audrey Howarth  [later Mrs.Thompson] who died recently: she taught at MGS from 1947 until 1956 with a maternity break between those two dates.

Last year, my historical enquiry about certain schools and shops in Norton did produce some useful replies. Now, I have another one--before the cinema was built in Norton [The Majestic], there was another entertainment venue called 'The Tin Tabernacle'. I can well remember elderly folk talking about it but where was it, and was it used solely for watching films?

Attendance list: Maureen SNOWBALL Armstrong, Brenda PICKERING White, John ROLLS, Keith CASS, Jean HARLAND Magson, Anne BOWRON Dobson, John GOODWILL, Jean MOON Hulme, Brian WINDSOR, Ian WRAY, Patsy LABURN Firth, Marjorie THACKRAY Duggleby, Mike DUGGLEBY, Pat PALLISTER Gorringe, David THACKRAY, Isobel HUMBLE Jackson, ANne CLARKE Baldry, Margaret WARD Gibson, Margaret BATESON Hoyle, Mary CHARTERS Hayes, Keith HOLMES, Chris WALKER, Kitty THACKRAY Grove Stephenson, Gillian HICKS Roe, Rita HUDSON Posthill, Ian MILNER, Diana Barton, Andrew BARTON, Joyce HICKES Sundram, Margaret BRETHERICK Andrew, Ann FLETCHER Forden, Frank Edwards, Doreen ACONLEY Farnelly, Howard CAMPION

Mike (Cripsey) Smith emailed on 31/12/14 a few details of his life during and after school. "After leaving MGS I worked for Barclays Bank in Malton for a year but very quickly decided I was not cut out to be a banker and decided to capitalise on my main ability- which happened to be sport!!
Encouraged by Bruce Rolls and David Lloyd (great teachers and role models) I went on to study in the Physical Education Dept at Birmingham University from 1965 to 1968, did a teacher training year at Carnegie College ( as it was then ) in Leeds and then entered the teaching profession . Two years later (1971) I was appointed to a 3 year post in the new Sports Centre at Warwick Uni coaching and promoting sport. In that period the University took over the local training college ( Coventry College ) and bingo!! The merged institution became the Department of Physical Education and Sport and  37 years later I retired from what was a tremendously fulfilling career. -What I didn't find out, until we met up some years ago, was that throughout my time at Warwick, my lifelong mate from MGS, Mick Dixon, was visiting  a local police college only 3 miles away most months and we never knew !!
Seeing Anthony Hare's prefect photo(1962 ??) on the new website with Dave Thackery ( very good goalkeeper) and Pete Rolls (very powerful, free scoring centre forward) reminds me of what a good football team we had at that time . Add Mick Dixon and Paul Hildreth as solid twin centre halves and myself running around lost in midfield and you have the nucleus of a team that more or less went undefeated for most of our sixth form years -apart from when getting a good kicking against a school near  Middlesborough in a match which was almost an unofficial N Riding championship game . Happy days !

Mary (Bayfield) Cowton emailed on 10/5/14, mainly to add some names to a 1962 Form Alpha 1 photo, and a 1965 Form 4A photo. She adds: "I am not good on boy’s first names as they were all addressed solely by their surnames, as in a public school, in my days at MGS.  Incidentally, I also spent my last two years of Junior School at the Secondary Modern school in Miss Clarke’s class (year 5) and Mr Sargeant’s class (year 6) when the Junior School on Greengate was too small.

... Mrs Williams had the same class for two years running, because we were such a good class she requested us for a second year.  Christine Pirie was known as Poppy to her friends, which carried on from junior school because she had a red and green hat and coat outfit.  Michael Geldard became head boy. 

...I have all my school photos and a number of copies of the Maltonian, but I can’t currently find them.  I will do a bit of research to complete the gaps above[in the photo names] when I come across them.  I have hundreds of family photos to scan and identify so I hope to get a good scanner when we finally (if ever!!!!!!!!) get straight and will try to send you copies of those you don’t have eventually. 

Greta Clowes (nee Labistour) wrote a letter to the school on 15 September 2013. She was an evacuee from Hull during the war.

John Holden e-mailed in January 2010 to update us on his army career, and pass on his thanks in particular to Mr Horsman.

Adrian Everitt e-mailed from Peru on 27/07/08 with a few memories of his time teaching at school in the early 1980s . 

Keith Williams e-mailed a few memories relating to camping and watersports trips in the 1970s and 1980s, in response to a request from me for some details for the History of Malton School book.

Eddie Lucas sent me his memories of the last eight years of MGS back in 2002. I confess that they have lain neglected in a box file since then, but have now been placed on the site.

Colin Gaden also sent some memories back in 2002 - also unearthed, and now on the site.  Colin has organised reunions for many years at the Green Man, and latterly at The Lodge.

Penny Bassey, grand-daughter of Thomas Arthur Williams, sent some family history notes in November 2007.I have included them here.

Michael Hickes wrote on hearing of Mrs Williams death. He has many memories of her and other staff at the school

Keith Richardson sent some memories of Malton County Modern in 2006

Tim Lawes e-mailed in December 2004, giving something of an update on his work for a charity helping children in India. "some news regarding the work in supporting 'Antara'- an organisation working to provide free and low-cost mental healthcare in and around Kolkata, India -  we would be grateful if you could pass it on. A number of old 'Maltonians' remain involved in this work including Kate Stansfield (trustee), Alex Chapman (treasurer) and David Green (webmaster) ! Both Kate and I near the end of our degrees, and David and Alex continues to work at CSL alongside study. Please follow the link

Mike Dixon e-mailed a few thoughts in December 2004. 'I married Anne Stead who was a pupil in Form VB at the school same time as myself. Amazingly we are still together after 36 years! We both have great memories of our school years at MGS. As a result of your website I have made contact with Mick Smith ( Cripsey ) who lectures at Warwick University. My elder brother Barry Dixon (Pudge) was in Sixth Form at the time. My mates at school were Cripsey Smith, Roger Beefy Smith, ex landlord of the Wentworth Arms, Old Malton, Danny Stead, Sue Coulthard, Jenny Bradley, Sheila Brigham, Dave Pinkney, Andy Cousins, Rob Tuke (unfortunately deceased), Roy Hull, Tony Malt, Dave Hopwood. Dave Pay was games master. Unfortunately I recall he passed away at a relatively early age. He was ably assisted by Vince Martindale and Mr Mason - all great guys. Anne is looking for any old photos and other documentation which may be of use. If located I will send to school. Mr Greaves was chemistry master, Harry Whiteley was physics - I could go on for ever! We would appreciate any info re reunions of our era.

Derrick Searle contacted us in November 2004.  His father William Henry Searle had recently died, and he had been sorting through belongings, and had found a number of items related to school.  One was a rather fine, brightly coloured blazer, which was an Old Maltonians Blazer rather than a school blazer. Derrick says his father left school aged 14 in 1919.  He remembers him talking about an Irish French teacher, Miss Murphy - 'Begorrah Miss Murphy we don't know whether you are speaking French or Irish!';  He also thinks he was the first pupil to have a motorbike at school, and would take 3 or 4 boys at a time around on the bike.  He feels safe in disclosing this dubiously unsafe practice now - there are no witnesses left. 

John Dunstan remembers his arrival in Malton and his appointment to the new Malton School (1971)

Mabel Jarvis (now Jowsey)  remembers Mr Mudge - with his double bass, and how he was a whizz at sharpening pencils.

Terry Pallister sent an e-mail, via his sister Pat, about his days at Malton Senior School 1951-4.  Not particularly happy memories, and certainly critical of the poor fair meeted out at times under the old school system, but an interesting insight and full of detail.  As mentioned below about Dave Evans' contribution, I don't think anything is libelous!

Tony Kirby sent four pages of very entertaining memories of 1956-64, with informative (and informed) comments on other periods of Malton history as well.  They on the site in their entirety.

Elizabeth Hanson had a talk with her father, Head of Malton County Modern School, about his memories of school days in Malton, in 2002 when her father was in his 90's.  Her notes are included here.

Dave Evans (MGS 1958-1965) sent some memories of his happy days at school.  I don't think anything is libelous!

Molly McKie (formerly Skelton, and Ibbotson as a pupil in the 1940's), was a teacher at Malton National School, Malton County Modern and Malton School over a period stretching from 1955 to 1986. She sent us some memories of her days at school.

Margaret Bretherick writes about the Sixth Form trip to Austria in the summer of 1959, in the January 1960 edition of The Maltonian.