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October 2018 Keith Grice sent some memories of life at Malton County Modern School in the 1960s, and a little of his life beyond.

May 2016 Rosemary Thacker sent some notes on a 1958 Sports Day photo which featured Katharine Worsley.

2 January 2016 Jo Eggerton Rance (Joan Kelly) emailed with some memories of the 1960s at Malton Grammar School in response to my posting some late 1960s photos.

22 May 2015 Mike (Crispey) Smith emailed about a trip to Ingleborough, 1959, in response to Brian Newcombe (below).

17 May 2015 Brian Newcombe emailed with some information about the 1958 Form I (Form II?) photograph in the gallery. He also offered a few memories of a trip to Ingleborough.

1 May 2015 Howard Campion emailed following the 2015 annual MGS reunion, which he now organises. He gives some notes about the reunion, an attendance list, and a list of those sadly no longer with us.

31 December 2014 Mike (Cripsey) Smith emailed a few details of his life during and after school.

10 May 2014 Mary (Bayfield) Cowton emailed, mainly to add some names to a 1962 Form Alpha 1 photo, and a 1965 Form 4A photo

15 September 2013 Greta Clowes (nee Labistour) wrote a letter to the school. She was an evacuee from Hull during the war.

From the old website

January 2010 John Holden e-mailed to update us on his army career, and pass on his thanks in particular to Mr Horsman.

27 July 2008 Adrian Everitt e-mailed from Peru with a few memories of his time teaching at school in the early 1980s.

2008 Keith Williams e-mailed a few memories relating to camping and watersports trips in the 1970s and 1980s, in response to a request from me for some details for the History of Malton School book.

November 2007 Penny Bassey, grand-daughter of Thomas Arthur Williams, sent some Williams' family history notes.

2005 Michael Hickes wrote on hearing of Mrs Williams death. He has many memories of Mrs Williams and other staff at the school.

2003 Keith Richardson sent some memories of Malton County Modern

December 2004 Mike Dixon e-mailed a few thoughts on his time at Malton Grammar School in the late 50s and early 60s.

November 2004 Derrick Searle contacted us regarding his father William Henry Searle and an Old Maltonians blazer.

April 2003 John Dunstan remembers his arrival at Malton School 1971 and his appointment to the new school.



February 2003 Terry Pallister sent an e-mail, via his sister Pat, about his days at Malton Senior School 1951-4.  Not particularly happy memories, and certainly critical of the poor fair meeted out at times under the old school system, but an interesting insight and full of detail.  As mentioned below about Dave Evans' contribution, I don't think anything is libelous!

January 2003 Tony Kirby sent four pages of very entertaining memories of 1956-64, with informative (and informed) comments on other periods of Malton history as well.  They on the site in their entirety

2002 Eddie Lucas sent me his memories of the last eight years of MGS . I confess that they laid neglected in a box file for some time, but were placed on the old site in 2008.

2002 Colin Gaden sent some memories of 13 plus transfer to Malton Grammar School.  Colin organised reunions for many years at the Green Man, and latterly at The Lodge.

December 2002 Elizabeth Hanson had a talk with her father, Head of Malton County Modern School, about his memories of school days in Malton, in 2002 when her father was in his 90's.  Her biography of George Hanson is included here.

October 2002 Molly McKie (formerly Skelton, and Ibbotson as a pupil in the 1940's), was a teacher at Malton National School, Malton County Modern and Malton School over a period stretching from 1955 to 1986. She sent us some memories of Malton National School, Malton County Modern and Malton School.

September 2002 Doreen Smith (formerly Wilkinson) writes about her war-time experience as an evacuee at Malton School 1941-45

August 2002 Dave Evans (MGS 1958-1965) sent some memories of the late 50s and early 60s at Malton Grammar School.  I don't think anything is libelous!

August 2002 Brenda Beal (nee Holmes) wrote about the Old Maltonians Association, for which she acted as secretary over many years.

July 2002 Mary Ledraw (Mary Kirk) sent in some memories of her time as an evacuee at Malton Grammar School 1941 - 45

June 2002 Barbara Johnson (nee Nicholls) shared some memories of her time at school during the 2nd World War.

Spring 2002 Jean Bielby (nee Evans) sent her memories of Malton Grammar School in the 1930s.

Margaret Bretherick writes about the Sixth Form trip to Austria in the summer of 1959, in the January 1960 edition of The Maltonian.

February 2002 Denise Barty responded to the questionnaire published in the January school newsletter.

2002 Vic Wilson, captain of Yorkshire CCC in the 1960s, and pupil of MGS in the 30s, sent me a letter in 2002 with some schoolday memories. There is also an obituary on his death in 2008, and a tribute to him by Fred Trueman,

Brief memories

A selection of shorter memories from people over the years, compiled on to one page.