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Brenda Beal

Notes on the Old Maltonians Association

Leaving Malton Grammar School in 1953 and continuing to live and work in Malton I joined, as we were encouraged to do by the school, the Old Maltonian Association and took part in its activities.

The annual General Meeting of the Association was held in September each year when the officials and executive council were elected. Mr P Taylor (Headmaster) was Chairman and Mr B Rolls Vice Chairman. I was elected to the Executive Council in 1957. Other business of the AGM was to fix a date for the Annual Reunion, at the beginning of January when people were generally home for the holidays. The committee then met in October to make all the final arrangements for the dinner dance, held at Bower's Restaurant which was always well supported and good value at 12 shillings and sixpence. Mr T Tate-Smith and Mr B Rolls were toastmasters and guest speakers proposed the toast to 'The School' and the 'Old Maltonian Association'. Mr P Taylor responding. Many of us will remember Mr Raymond Stolting (gardener) or Mr Dowding (caretaker) standing at the top of the stairs collecting tickets and the evening finishing with dancing to the 'Rhythmaires'.


A war memorial fund had been set up in 1946, and a prize was awarded each year to the pupil considered by the Headmaster to have contributed most to the life of the school. This prize was given at Speech Day each year along with the OMA prizes for tennis and cricket both bowling and batting.

The Committee also organised teams for the School versus OMA football and hockey matches; Mr B Rolls, Mrs Ena Smith and myself organising the teams. They were always keenly fought matches with the whole school out to support and a good tea provided afterwards.

In 1957 an OMA Badminton group was formed, organised by Mick Duggleby and playing in the school hall. We had club nights and also played in a local badminton league.

All these activities continued for many years but support of the OMA was getting less with fewer people attending meetings. Sadly, following the deaths of Mr P Taylor and Mr B Rolls a meeting was held on Feb 14th 1973 to decide the future of the Association and a letter was subsequently sent to all members stating that it had been unanimously decided that the Association be wound up and the assets disposed of.

At the final meeting on the 15th March 1973 the Old Maltonian Association ended and all the funds passed to the Bruce Rolls Memorial Fund, which was used to purchase a display cabinet to be placed in the West Wing of Malton School.