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Mike Dixon

December 2004 Mike Dixon emailed a few thoughts.

I married Anne Stead who was a pupil in Form VB at the school same time as myself. Amazingly we are still together after 36 years! We both have great memories of our school years at MGS. As a result of your website I have made contact with Mick Smith ( Cripsey ) who lectures at Warwick University. My elder brother Barry Dixon (Pudge) was in Sixth Form at the time.

My mates at school were Cripsey Smith, Roger Beefy Smith, ex landlord of the Wentworth Arms, Old Malton, Danny Stead, Sue Coulthard, Jenny Bradley, Sheila Brigham, Dave Pinkney, Andy Cousins, Rob Tuke (unfortunately deceased), Roy Hull, Tony Malt, Dave Hopwood.

Dave Pay was games master. Unfortunately I recall he passed away at a relatively early age. He was ably assisted by Vince Martindale and Mr Mason - all great guys. Anne is looking for any old photos and other documentation which may be of use. If located I will send to school. Mr Greaves was chemistry master, Harry Whiteley was physics - I could go on for ever! We would appreciate any info re reunions of our era.