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Derrick Searle

Derrick contacted us in November 2004.  His father William Henry Searle had recently died, and he had been sorting through belongings, and had found a number of items relating to school.

Old Maltonians blazer

One was a rather fine, brightly coloured blazer, which was an Old Maltonians Blazer rather than a school blazer. (The picture shows Liam McDonald, a student in 2004, modelling the blazer.)


Derrick says his father left school aged 14 in 1919.  He remembers him talking about an Irish French teacher, Miss Murphy - 'Begorrah Miss Murphy we don't know whether you are speaking French or Irish!';  He also thinks he was the first pupil to have a motorbike at school, and would take 3 or 4 boys at a time around on the bike.  He feels safe in disclosing this dubiously unsafe practice now - there are no witnesses left.