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Adrian Everitt emailed on 27 July 2008:

Every so often, I visit the Malton School and Maltonians websites, and it's always fascinating to see what new things have gone up.

By the way, I've no idea why my leaving in 1984 is described as 'took a sabbatical' in the Head's report (and in the Staff listing) - did Gresswell think I was coming back? Much as I loved the school, returning was never in my plans - I was bound for Australia and then the rest of the universe!

The book on the history of the school sounds a great idea. From my memories of the 80 - 84 years, there are some things that stand out but which seem missing from the draft text I've just read:

  1. Barry Miller's immense contribution to outdoor pursuits doesn't come through in the draft. The reference to 'Mr Williams together with a variety of other staff seems barely adequate.
  2. John Horsman's humour and lively (to say the least) approach to teaching were uplifting and inspirational (to students and to many fellow-teachers, myself included), and I think much of the spirit of the school was reflected there. Just one example was the annual teachers' show for the students just before Christmas. In 1981, for example, he had half a dozen teachers 'dancing' Swan Lake for a memorable 60 seconds - myself and 2 other male teachers (I think Derek McManus might have been one) in tights and wellington boots, no less. One of Horsman's key directorial ploys was to give his performers as little advance information as possible about what they would actually be doing on stage. The donning of the tights and wellies, for example, was forced upon us with about 2 minutes notice.
  1. And in the same show, with no notice whatsoever 3 of us (male teachers again) were sent to sit on chairs in the middle of the stage; it was announced to the audience that they were going to witness a typical breaktime scene in the staffroom; the 3 of us on stage then each had a can of beer and a playboy magazine (or some such) thrust in our hands just as the curtain opened; following which, half a dozen gorgeous and somewhat scantily-clad sixth-form girls entered and danced a can-can number around us. Mind you, even Horsman had his failures: I'm fairly sure that Barry Miller refused to mime to the Troggs' 'Wild Thing' to close that 1981 show, and that John had to go out and do it himself. Such glorious trivialities were lapped up by the students, and I have since shamelessly stolen several of Horsman's 'numbers' for delighting students in Chile and Peru. They never fai
  2. Derek McManus did a whole bunch of cartoons featuring John Gresswell, which was known - if I remember rightly - as the 'little black cloud' series, because of what always hung over Gresswell's head. It would be quite something if you could get hold of a few of these. I can send you just one (it's attached) because it was about Gresswell's supposed reaction to the idea of my returning to teach after I'd had a motorcycle accident. My actual accident was in July 1982, and I think Derek did the cartoon when I visited the school still on crutches in September, a couple of months before I did actually return to teaching.
  3. Apart from the New Maltonians, I also have quite a number of photos that I could scan and send you - all from the drama productions I did: 'Beauty and the Beast/The Tiger's Bones/The Coming of the Kings', December 1981; 'Vacuees', December 1983; 'Kidnapped At Christmas', also December 1983. (The last-mentioned was a Duke of Edinburgh project for two of the cast members, and was performed exclusively for children from local primary schools who came to us for the one-and-only afternoon presentation.) I'll attach a few sample photos here.