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John Holden emailed in January 2010:

I would ... be grateful if you could pass on my regards to Mr Horsman, if he still works at the School. Mr Horsman was my Form teacher in 1982 and Science Teacher in 1984. I acknowledge that I was never the easiest of children, especially in 1982, and had I been at school today, I would probably have been excluded for my disruptive influence. I regret that Mr Horsman was at the forefront of having to deal with this on a daily basis. By 1984, however, I had begun to realise that my future depended on self discipline, work and a more mature approach to life. Had it not been for teachers such as Mr Horsman giving me the opportunity to realise my potential, I doubt I would have achieved half of what I have done.

I now have a BSc (Hons) and two MSc; one from Madras and one from Leicester, in Risk, Crisis and Disaster Management, and I am planning to undertake a PhD in due course. I have been a Commission Officer in the Royal Artillery for the last 19 years, and am striving for promotion to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.