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Mike Smith

Mike (Crispey) Smith emailed on 22/5/15 in response to Brian Newcombe (below).
I well remember that Ingleborough trip -I spent most of my working life leading/instructing in British and Alpine mountains and now cringe at our antics that day!! But we were young and fit and the weather was kind . I can also vividly remember another (earlier??) school trip to The Lake District-we were eventually taken by the prefects as Mrs Lloyd was due to give birth that week !! Still we all survived again even though we had to get from hostel to hostel over the fells .Pretty soon a small group of us (Roy Hull was definitely one ) were off to Snowdonia on our own ,ticking off the highest peaks and Merv Thompson and I also hitched over to the Lakes and had an epic trip one Easter -rain/mist and even snow as we went from hostel to hostel for a week !!.
Such outings inspired a lifetime of mountaineering and skiing which led me from The Dales /Lakes to Scotland in winter ,The Alps and The Rockies. All good fun kick started by MGS outings. Likewise I can remember the hard time we gave Mr Lloyd when he was as student teacher -I still feel ashamed of our antics!!And the class sizes -and yet we still managed to learn and progress.

158 Malton Grammar School Form I

Brian Newcombe

Brian Newcombe emailed on 17/5/15 with some information about the 1958 Form I (Form II?) photograph in the gallery. He also offered a few memories:
"When we moved up to Form II we were joined by, I think, eight 13+  pupils - bad enough at 38.  Unfortunately (for the staff) four other pupils transferred in to the area from Grammar Schools elsewhere, Robert(?) Laycock, Roger Waddigton, David (Isaac) Newton and John Hanson (who's father was the new Head at the Modern School).  David LLoyd, to whom we'd given a hard time as a student teacher the year before, must have wondered what the hell he'd let himself in for when he returned as a permanent member of staff to find himself assigned to us lot as Form Teacher.  Needless to say we rubbed our hands with great anticipation!  Wrong!  I don't know where he'd been in the meantime, but he'd learned a lot about pupil management since his woeful attempt to teach us arithmetic the previous year.  He was our Form Tutor again in Form V, a really enthusistic guy - after our GCE exams he took the whole class, on his own ( whither Health and Safety?) up Ingleborough.  I don't think any of us even had walking boots.  I wonder if the sluice gate handle that ?? (name withheld to protect the guilty) chucked into Clapham Lake on the way back down from Gaing Ghyll is still underwater?"

I don't know if this was the biggest ever class at MGS (and a great bunch of kids) but the next year common sense prevailed and they divided us into two classes, Form III and IIIB I think.  This probably coincided with the introduction of two form enry to the school.

31 December 2014 Mike (Cripsey) Smith emailed on 31/12/14 a few details of his life during and after school.

After leaving MGS I worked for Barclays Bank in Malton for a year but very quickly decided I was not cut out to be a banker and decided to capitalise on my main ability - which happened to be sport!!

Encouraged by Bruce Rolls and David Lloyd (great teachers and role models) I went on to study in the Physical Education Dept at Birmingham University from 1965 to 1968, did a teacher training year at Carnegie College ( as it was then ) in Leeds and then entered the teaching profession . Two years later (1971) I was appointed to a 3 year post in the new Sports Centre at Warwick Uni coaching and promoting sport. In that period the University took over the local training college ( Coventry College ) and bingo!! The merged institution became the Department of Physical Education and Sport and  37 years later I retired from what was a tremendously fulfilling career. What I didn't find out, until we met up some years ago, was that throughout my time at Warwick, my lifelong mate from MGS, Mick Dixon, was visiting a local police college only 3 miles away most months and we never knew !!

1964  Malton Grammar School prefects

Seeing Anthony Hare's prefect photo (1962 ??) on the new website with Dave Thackery ( very good goalkeeper) and Pete Rolls (very powerful, free scoring centre forward) reminds me of what a good football team we had at that time . Add Mick Dixon and Paul Hildreth as solid twin centre halves and myself running around lost in midfield and you have the nucleus of a team that more or less went undefeated for most of our sixth form years -apart from when getting a good kicking against a school near  Middlesborough in a match which was almost an unofficial North Riding championship game. Happy days!