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Keith Grice emailed in October 2018:

Hi.Steve... my name is Keith Grice and I left Malton Secondry school in 1967....I lived in Hovingham from 1959 until 1968 when my parents moved to father worked on the Worsley estate....

1965 Malton County Modern

The football picture was my last efforts at football..I was more interested in cricket and was the school captain in my last year.1966/67... I also played for Hovingham cricket club in till 1968... We had a cricket coach visit us during the my last year from the Indian cricket team...his name was Salim Uddin... I think his brother coached the Grammar School... when I came to Scunthorpe I started playing for their first team..I was surprised that Salim Uddin was also playing for them and also lived in our town... I even see him about today and remind him of the 60s.

I noticed on my search that there are not many ..if any photos of our classes between 1962 until 1971 so I found my old school picture and thought I would send it to you...hope its clear enough... I'm on the top row..... I remember leaving school in 67 and i got a job at Westlers food factory untill my family moved from Hovingham in Dec.1968....
I was in Mrs Laceys class and Mr. Hanson was the headmaster... I didn't get any qualifications before leaving school but I friended Kevin Johnson from Terrington and we took our guitars to school... I remember Kevin sitting in front of me in Maths and turning around with his 12" ruler to show me the chords to House Of The Rising Sun... can't remember the teacher but she had a perfect throw with the blackboard chalk eraser...hit poor Kev. on the head... She asked Kevin what he was doing...he said...teaching Keith the chords to House Of The Rising Sun miss... I went on to have a music career for 30 years playing guitar in a 60s tribute band... oh and I also became an astronomer...

Well Steve there you have my little memory... they were very enjoyable days at Malton... wish we could do it all over again. I'm 67 now and often wondered what happened to Kevin Johnson... never seen him since we walked out of the corridor in 67.

1965 Malton County Modern