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Reunions have probably been taking place since the first students left school. They usually require one person who is prepared to do some letter writing and phone calling - perhaps emailing these days - and then others respond. Colin Gaden was certainly such a person, organising the former grammar school pupils' reunion for many years on the last Tuesday in April, initially at The Green Man, but latterly at The Old Lodge. Colin relinquished his role a couple of years ago, but the reunions continue with Howard Campion stepping in to the organiser role.

An update on the Malton Grammar School reunion on 29 April 2014 is available. A page on the 2011 Centenary celebration is available.

Other organisers have been Simon Crozier, Karen Fisher and Jason Langley, Ann Wentworth and Diane Walker, Simon Crozier, Liz Betts, Tina Kelly, Howard Fox, and myself on a couple of occasions.