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Reunions update

2 May 2015Howard Campion sent a brief report on the 2015 Malton Grammar School reunion which took place at the end of April::

it was a successful event with representations from wide ranging places [e.g. Isle of Wight, Buckinghamshire, Herefordshire and even Barton-on-Humber!]. There were thirty five of us and a list is appended, the meal and service were of a high standard.

The Malton Estate have produced a very interesting booklet on the commercial and social history of the area. I bought one when it was first published and it cost me £5. However, the school has been given a box full of excess copies, and they are free to anyone with connections. If you are in Malton, call in reception at West Wing and ask for Gill Harrison who will provide you with a copy at 'Malton's Popular Price' [£0)

Unfortunately there is sad news,and the following ex-pupils are not with us any longer:

Peter Allen [37-44, formerly  Head Teacher of a Deaf School in Manchester], Marcus Mason [47-54], Patricia Lund [ 1940s she came from a farming family in Broughton and had been a Medical Researcher], Norman Race [42-47], Sheila Coverdale [42-7], Doris Boyes [36-40, died a couple of years ago], Arthur Firth [51-8], Barbara Nicholls [37-44, ex Head Girl and Head Teacher at Helmsley], Ron.Waites [42-7], and Elizabeth Richardson [41-6]. Many of you will also remember Miss Audrey Howarth  [later Mrs.Thompson] who died recently: she taught at MGS from 1947 until 1956 with a maternity break between those two dates.

Last year, my historical enquiry about certain schools and shops in Norton did produce some useful replies. Now, I have another one--before the cinema was built in Norton [The Majestic], there was another entertainment venue called 'The Tin Tabernacle'. I can well remember elderly folk talking about it but where was it, and was it used solely for watching films?

Attendance list: Maureen SNOWBALL Armstrong, Brenda PICKERING White, John ROLLS, Keith CASS, Jean HARLAND Magson, Anne BOWRON Dobson, John GOODWILL, Jean MOON Hulme, Brian WINDSOR, Ian WRAY, Patsy LABURN Firth, Marjorie THACKRAY Duggleby, Mike DUGGLEBY, Pat PALLISTER Gorringe, David THACKRAY, Isobel HUMBLE Jackson, ANne CLARKE Baldry, Margaret WARD Gibson, Margaret BATESON Hoyle, Mary CHARTERS Hayes, Keith HOLMES, Chris WALKER, Kitty THACKRAY Grove Stephenson, Gillian HICKS Roe, Rita HUDSON Posthill, Ian MILNER, Diana Barton, Andrew BARTON, Joyce HICKES Sundram, Margaret BRETHERICK Andrew, Ann FLETCHER Forden, Frank Edwards, Doreen ACONLEY Farnelly, Howard CAMPION


9 May 2014 Howard Campion sent me a copy of his update letter following the recent Grammar School reunion at the Old Lodge, Malton, on 29 April:

Dear Old Maltonian,
Our recent meeting was a successful event, and I am writing to you in order that you are kept informed of the current news involving your school colleagues. I am also enclosing a list of those who were present.
Both Maureen Sagar and Maureen Taylor are still in New Zealand, whilst Gwen Monkman and Mavis Thackray are in Canada. Lucy Inman is still at Kilburn and Bette Layton [she taught me at Norton Boys' School] lives at Stoke-on-Trent. John Pattison and Ann Collier are at Wetherby whilst John Clark [ retired from insurance] lives near Graves Park [Sheffield].
Gwen Crowther is unwell, and has moved from Marske to be nearer to her daughter in Edinburgh.
Unfortunately, there are several who have passed away quite recently:

 Margaret [Dent] Maynard [1932-7], Gwen [Dean] Monkman ['46-51], Irene [Milner] Beck ['42-47], Raymond Metcalf ['40-44, associated with Ward's of Sherburn], Peter Blanchard ['38-44], Joan Petch ['36-42], Alice Burrows ['52-57], Ian Smailes ['50-57], Jeanne Marwood ['52-55], Norman Turner ['44-50] and Michael Walton ['55-57]. We have only recently learned of Peter Flynn ['44-51] and Freddie Beecroft ['51-56].

Freddie had moved to the Leicester area: after his death, his family re-located to North Yorkshire. They lived in Rosedale, and until this year his grand-daughter had been a pupil at Malton School studying for A-levels. She commuted daily to Malton [25 miles]--quite a 'record' for Malton School's 'catchment area'.

                               Sorry for all the sad news!

Best wishes


P.S. I am carrying out some Family History resarch, and I would be very interested to know of any information regarding 'Brown's Bakery' at 31 Commercial Street, Norton as well as Brooklyn School in Langton Road.

ttendance list at the 2014 reunion (apologies if my reading of Howard's handwritten list is incorrect)

Doreen ACONLEY Anyalene Farnelly, Olive ALLISON Clement, Margaret BRETHERICK Andrew, Clive BURNS, Keith CASS,
Ann FLETCHER Ford, Grace FREER Pattison, Colin GADEN,
John GOODWILL, Dolly HICKES Thackray, Joyce HICKES Sundram, Margaret HOLLIDAY Muir, Keith HOLMES, Isobel HUMBLE Jackson, David MARWOOD, Jean MOON Hulme, David MUIR, James MUIR, Robert PATTISON, Brenda PICKERING White, Norman RACE,
Maureen SNOWBALL Armitage, Marjorie THACKRAY Duggleby, Richard THORNTON, Chris WALKER, Brian WINDSOR, Molly WRIGHT