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Peter Lomas died in October 2016. He was a pupil 1953 – 1960. He played in many of the MGS sports teams and played parts in school plays in his last two years at the school.

Frank Wiggle died in October 2016. He was a governor for many years, and Chair of governors when I first arrived (1993). He was also an endowment governor, and a strong supporter of the school. always attending school events whenever he could, and always keeping informed of the School's progress on days such as results days.

Sheila Kathleen Pratt died in October 2013. Sheila was a former pupil 1943-1950, and Head Girl in 1950. She went on to become a pioneer editor of the Law Society Gazette. She left £100000 to Malton School Fund. Some details about Sheila have been added to the site.

Mr Alex Joannidis died in March 2012. Alex was Head of English 1968 - 1992, and left a £3000 bequest to the school's English department. Some memories and biographical details have been added to the site

Vic Wilson, captaion of Yorkshire CCC in the 1960s, died in 2008. An obituary appeared in the local press.

Mrs Eleanor Williams died in December 2004, aged 96.  A few notes from her funeral service are included.

Fred Trueman's autobiography includes a number of references to Vic Wilson. That noting his appointment as captain of Yorkshire is on the site.

Tim Tate-Smith, a pupil of Malton Grammar School in the 1940s, died peacefully on 30 January 2010.  Tim built up the Sundella soft drinks business, which his family still runs. He remained interested in the school and its development throughout his life - he was at the 2009 Celebration evening, to see his grand-daughter Alex present the evening as Head Girl.  He also supported the Scout movement, and took particular interest in the youth activities of the Rotary Club, of which he was a member.  A tribute from the Ryedale Mercury of 3/2/10 is on the site. Also a couple of links - Tim in Comedy of Errors 1947 and at a Green Man Reunion 1999

Joyce Jackson, a former pupil of Malton Grammar School in the 1930s, died in December 2009. Joyce was kind enough to donate some photographs shortly before she died.

Alan Vincent Martindale died on 30 October 2009. Alan spent his entire teaching career at the School, starting at the grammar school in 1953, staying on as the schools merged to form the comprehensive Malton School in 1971, and retiring in 1988. During his career he taught Woodwork, PE, Games, Maths, Economics and General Studies.

David Lloyd died on 17 May 2009. David was a member of staff at Malton Grammar School from 1958-1963, and wrote the first history of the school - A History of Malton Grammar School - a book which I relied on heavily when writing my updated history of the school in 2009. I was fortunate to meet David on a couple of occasions, most recently at the book launch last year.

Mrs Eleanor Williams died in December 2004, aged 96.  A few notes from her funeral service are included.

Michael Hickes wrote on hearing of Mrs Williams death.  He has many memories of her and other staff at the school

AB - Alfred Barty - a tribute to him by Gordon Bratt, published in the 1970 edition of The Maltonian. Another appeared on his retirement in 1955

Miss Marion Edwards - first Senior Mistress of MGS.  Died in an air raid, 1941. A tribute was in the 1941 Maltonian

George Barker - caretaker. A tribute appears in the December 1955 Maltonians

Dave Pay - a tribute to him was in the 1970 edition of The Maltonian.

Bruce Rolls - a tribute to him was in the 1970 edition of The Maltonian.

Eric Robson - leading historian in the 1950s. A tribute from The Maltonian 1954 by A Barty.

Miss Platts - senior mistress, resigned in 1952. A tribute appears in the July 1952 Maltonian

Mr Mudge - A tribute appears in the November 1953 Maltonian

Marion Edwards - a senior mistress, killed in a London air raid in 1941. A tribute appears in the 1941 July Maltonian.

Monica Fraser - Art and PE teacher. A tribute appears in the 1955 February Maltonian

Ernest Loraine Watt - tributes from the March 1937 Maltonian

In Memoriam

John Crowther - brother in Law to Anne Clarke. Died in 1998.

John Delavel - died in June 2002, his funeral was on 13 June 2002.

Robin Hood - married to Carol Skelton, was at MGS 1961-68. He died in September 1991

Helena "Mollie" Lumsden - teacher in the 1940's. She married a Dutch man she met on an exchange trip, to become Helena Bolk-Lumsden.  She had three children. She died in July 2002.