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Marion Edwards, Senior Mistress

A tribute from The Maltonian July 1941


It was a great shock to learn that Miss Edwards had been killed in a London air raid.  We have been told that she was killed in the open, when, in the middle of the raid, she was taking refreshments to fire-fighters.  Knowing her as we did, we can well believe the report. 

It was a very real grief to all O.M's and friends of the grammar school to learn of the death, in such tragic circumstances, of Miss Edwards and her mother.  Miss Edwards came to us when the school opened and proved herself the ideal Senior Mistress.  From her we learned many invaluable lessons.  Her splendid discipline and high ideals helped to form the traditions of MGS of which we, the older OM's are justly proud. Miss Edwards was a true and loyal friend to MGS ready to help at all times and those who knew her best loved her most"


And in the editorial of the same publication:

Many OM's will remember her exceptional culture and high ideals of conduct.  Many too will remember her great affection for school.  After leaving us during the last war, owing to ill health, she often returned to help us in some emergency and, although new generations of staff and pupils were in occupation, M E always "belonged".  Her last visit was to join us in bidding farewell to Miss Douthett, and her reminiscences on that occasion revealed something of her love for MGS.  Miss Edwards died nobly and here, as elsewhere, her name will live.