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Helena Platts, Senior Mistress

A tribute from The Maltonian July 1952


A tribute which appears in the July 1952 Maltonian (No. 102)


MISS PLATTS came to us as Senior Mistress and Senior Mathematics Mistress in January, 1947; and now domestic circumstances are compelling her to leave us. Few Senior Mistresses can be leaving behind such a load of goodwill after so short a stay; there is not one of us who will not feel the loss of a friend.

She has been conscientious in her teaching and watchful of the girls' interests. But if I were asked to name her best quality, I should say it is the warm-hearted personal interest, backed by sound, practical advice, which the senior girls and boys in particular have been privileged to receive. Anyone could see how the Sixth Form have enjoyed their morning chat with her at Registration; ok scholars visiting the School soon gravitated towards her.

For myself, I know I have been lucky in my first Seniol Mistress. She has smoothed out or anticipated many a difficult) for me, and my family and I look on her as a friend.

It is good to know that she will not be far away, for she intends to live at Bridlington. We hope she will often find opportunities t< revisit her old friends and colleagues.