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G H Mudge

A tribute from The Maltonian November 1953


MR. MUDGE came to us from Barrow Grammar School in 1939, so that his fourteen years with us included the trying  and confused period of the War.

From the start his enthusiasm and affability impressed his pupils' hearts no less strongly than his; thoroughness and insistence on order made their mark on their work. Mr. Mudge was up-to-date in his techniques but of the old school in that he rightly laid great emphasis on neatness, orderliness and patient industry.

He was an enthusiastic sportsman and a splendid musician; it was a blow to him when his health affected his chances of following our games, but he was able to be a bulwark to our orchestra at all times. We are happy to see him so well in his' retirement and rejoice that he still comes to play with us.' May he have many years of good health in which to live the full life which he loves.