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George Barker

A tribute from The Maltonian December 1955


IT is with very real humility in the knowledge that we are bound to do him less than justice that on behalf of M.G.S. we pay our last tribute to George Barker.

Perhaps it is a sign that we ourselves are growing older that, as we think of George, some lines of " As You Like It " come to mind: "0, good old man, thou art not for the fashion of these times!" Be that as it may, however, all of us who knew him were proud of George. We were proud of him because of the beauty he gave us in our fields and gardens and because we knew very well that there was no one like him. To us he was ageless. Others would and must change, but not George.




Because of his deafness George had to live a great deal within himself, but he was always, we think, a happy man, happy in the work he loved and in his friendship with so many Young people. As we write, we can see again that roguish twinkle in his eye and feel that jog of his elbow as he made sure we did not miss the humour of some situation.

There is, we feel, nothing more that we can say. George gave much to the School and much of what he gave remains in the fields on which he worked and in the memories of us for whom he was so integral a part of the M.G.S. we knew and love. To Mrs. Barker and her family we offer our sympathy. She knows that we share her sorrow.