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Horace Hollinrake

A tribute from The Maltonian December 1955


AN Old Scholar who achieved distinction in his work and made the name of Malton known many thousands of miles away, died this summer after an illness following a motor accident. He was Horace Hollinrake, M.A., Mus. Bac., Professor of Music at the University College of Auckland, New Zealand. At one time organist and choirmaster at Old Malton Priory Church, he went to New Zealand in 1926. He published books on musical subjects and it is interesting to note that the Auckland newspaper peaks particularly of his work in music amongst the Island's schools. His son is a Lecturer in Musicology at the same College.

Thus, with the death of Eric Robson last year, the School has lost two distinguished Old Scholars within a short space of time, both at a tragically young age. We like to think that from the School they gained much which enriched both their own lives and the lives of those about them.