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Monica Fraser, Art and PE

A tribute from The Maltonian February 1955


A tribute which appears in the February 1955 Maltonian (No. 106)


MISS FRASER came to' us in 1935 and has spent the greater part of her teaching life here. In recent years she has had to contend with breakdowns in health. She faced these courageously and fought back to recovery; but after an attack in September of last year her doctors advised her that to struggle further against her handicap might do her irreparable damage. With the same courage that she showed in illness she decided that she must resign her post here and try to make a new start in life.

Lately Miss Fraser had taken same junior English, and here again her teaching had marked individuality and freshness.


Miss Fraser came to take Art and Girls' Physical Training. Those girls who did Physical Training under her speak highly of her work in this sphere; but it; was as our Art Mistress that she fulfilled her work with special distinction. Thanks to' her faith in the value of Art and her ability to teach it, very few pupils have failed to find in themselves some artistic talent. Not very long ago subjects such as Art and Music were looked upon as pleasant backwaters. aside from the main stream of Grammar School work. With Mr. Williams' encouragement and Miss Fraser's enthusiasm Art has long held its proper place in this School as a full subject in its own right and an indispensable part of the aesthetic equipment of every well educated boy and girl.

Miss Fraser made a further valuable contribution to our School. She loved to be Form Mistress of a junior Form, preferably the First Form; and I consider that she set her pupils off on their school career on a most satisfactory basis. She got to know a tremendous amount about the home circumstances, the interests and enthusiasms of each child and often shamed us by the patience with which she sought the reasons underlying the slowness or naughtiness of a child whom we were in danger of dismissing as merely a dullard or a nuisance. I thank her for this interest; I am sure many a child now in school is grateful for it.

We are glad that Miss Fraser is not leaving Malton. We hope she will find congenial work and still often come up to see us.